Planning My Route



I want to plan my route so that I am in each country at the right time to:

  • Avoid rainy, monsoon, typhoon, and hurricane seasons
  • Avoid Peak Seasons in the more expensive countries
  • Get as much sunny weather as possible
  • Minimise travel distances (and costs)

In this way, I hope to get the best out of each country that I can.


There are many websites that provide good detail about the climates in each country and the regions / cities within each country.

I used to get the detailed information that I needed and copied that information into a spreadsheet.

I know it sounds a bit ‘anal’ but I am visiting so many countries over the next 5 years that it made sense (to me) to get it right.

So, I also checked with a few travel sites to find out what the best time to go was; the best time is not always the middle of summer – things like Peak Season and humidity also need to be taken into account.

Against each city / area I graded the months from:

  • Dark Green: the best time to go
  • Mid Green: good times to go
  • Light Green: OK times to go

On the same row I also added:

  • R if this was a Rainy Season month; r if it was going into or out of Rainy Season
  • H and h for Hurricane Season
  • T and t for Typhoon Season
  • M and m for Monsoon Season
  • $$ and $ for Peak Season

Once in a spreadsheet, I could play with various combinations until I felt that I had the route optimised.

I ended up with several different options.


It is now August 2016. My last month in The Philippines was spent in the rain. My first month in Mexico was spent in the rain. I’ve had enough of rain. I had to re-plan.

The Central American countries are so close together that they share the same summer and rainy seasons. It was not possible to do them together and avoid rain. I needed to split them in two.

The route that I decided on was:

  • 2016: Start in Vietnam followed by The Philippines. Fly to Mexico. From central Mexico, loop through the Yucatan peninsula to Belize.
  • 2017: From Belize, head to the Pacific Coast of Guatemala and Mexico. The trip back into Mexico gives me a renewed C4 3 month visa to enter back into Guatemala to do the Guatemalan and Honduran Caribbean coasts. I need to pop back into Belize so that I can get a fresh 3 month C4 visa to head down to El Salvador and on to Nicaragua.
  • 2018: I will flit in between Nicaragua and Costa Rica so that I get a renewed C4 visa to get a good look at Nicaragua before heading south to Panama. I then hop over the water to Colombia and continue south through Ecuador to Peru.
  • 2019: Finish off Peru before heading further south to Bolivia and Chile. Fly to South East Europe. Spend a long summer in South East Europe before heading to India.
  • 2020: Finish off India and head for Sri Lanka.

Decide what happens next.


Here is a summary of each year from 2016 through 2019.

The thick boxes show exactly where I intend to be at which time.
world-route-2015 world-route-2016-asiaworld-route-2016-central-americaworld-route-2017world-route-2018world-route-2019