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Amed 2 Candidasa - 5
AUGUST 2015: INTRODUCTION: I was staying in Padang Bai and my plan was to stay there a few days before moving north to Amed. Amed is only 30km north of Padang Bai so I decided to rent a scooter and have a look at Amed in advance. A bit like I […]

Padang Bai to Amed – Indonesia – Scooter Trip

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AUGUST 2015: YOU MUST READ THIS: If you are going to Kuta, Bali, Indonesia and expect to change money, BEWARE and read on… This is, most probably, NOT CONFINED TO KUTA. This could be happening all over the island – and, maybe, further field. A HISTORY LESSON: I remember back in 1989, […]

Kuta – Bali – Indonesia – Money Changer SCAM

Kuta - The Flora Hotel Bar
AUGUST 2015: Click here to read our Indonesia Retirement Review. OVERVIEW: It is no revelation that Bali is already a Retirement Location for many expats. I came back to Bali because I wanted to look outside of greater Kuta to discover what ‘gems’ might lie around the island. Gili Air has already made it to my […]

Kuta – Bali – Indonesia – Information

On the Road West of Kuta
JANUARY 2015: ACCOMMODATION: You can use online booking applications to find and book accommodation if you want but you will be paying a premium for the convenience. A premium of up to 100% (even for heavily discounted hotels). Avoid Indah Hotel – it is terrible. The standard rooms are grotty, […]

Kuta Lombok – Indonesia – Information

Gili Air Gita Gili Sunrise in the Restaurant
JANUARY 2015: OVERVIEW: I landed in Kuta, Bali with the intention of only spending a couple of days there. I was only there to organise how I was going to get to Gili Air in Lombok. Gili Air was the main focus of my trip. However, when it was time to […]

Gili Air – Indonesia – GRANDPAcking Costs

Gili Air Shuttle Boat to Bangsal
JANUARY 2015: Click here to read our Retirement Review. THE FAST BOAT(s) TO BALI: For detailed Information about Gili Air click here. The day before I was due to leave Gili Air, we heard that the Fast Boats to / from Bali had been cancelled due to poor sea conditions. This was […]

Gili Air – Indonesia – Departure