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Khao Lak - Bang Niang Beach 2
FEBRUARY 2015: INTRODUCTION: Khao Lak is one of the more expensive places in Thailand — expect, for most things, to pay double what you would pay 30-50 km away to the south in Phang Nga Town or to the north in Takua Pa. The largest number of resorts, restaurants, convenience stores and […]

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Ko Phayam - Lazy Hut - Wine Sunset
FEBRUARY 2015: OVERVIEW: To read about Arriving in Koh Phayam click here. In contrast to Malaysia, when you land in Thailand you land back into a more dis-organised, less- structured world where things just some-how happen. People drive using ’the force’ and don’t necessarily obey the rules of the road. On […]

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2015: OVERVIEW: Thailand is arguable the cheapest place on Earth to live well. While affordable luxury is available, you have the option to live on a very modest budget…thanks to US$1 Pad Thai lunches and US$11-a-night hotels (including breakfast and free Wi-Fi). One thing to keep in mind: Foreigners can own apartments […]


Ko Phayam - La Mai Resort - Hilltop View
FEBRUARY 2015: ARRIVAL AT RANONG: The bus ride from Krabi to Ranong was scheduled to take 6 hours. It took 7 hours. By the time that I got there I had a sore bum (the seats were not the most comfortable that I have ever sat on). We were at […]

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Krabi Kong Ka Pier Food Stalls
FEBRUARY 2015: ARRIVAL: I used TIKET.COM to book a flight from Langkawi to Krabi. The Immigration process was a bit slow because only 3 or 4 counters were open and the process now requires everyone to be photographed. People from most countries are photographed digitally in front of the immigration counter. […]

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CLOSED: My tour of Thailand is done, at least for now. Please SEARCH FOR ‘Thailand‘ to find all of my Postings, Travel Budgets and Retirement Reviews. Meanwhile, here is some general information about Thailand and / or the places of interest that I did not get to… GENERAL INFORMATION: Meanwhile, here is […]