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Tips, tricks, an traps about the various preparation and planning activities that make a GRANDPAcking venture possible and / or work better.

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DECEMBER 2014: Should I Rent or Sell My House? Are you going overseas for a while and wondering whether or not to Rent or Sell your house? Here is an actual, practical review of the Rent vs Sell option… How Do I Feel About It? My instinct tells me to SELL. […]

Rent or Sell Review

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DECEMBER 2014: What Is The Best Way to Get Money Whilst Overseas? Here is a practical review of your Travel Money options… THE OPTIONS: Between commissions, Credit Card surcharges, ATM Fees and other expenses, you will almost always have to pay a little extra for the privilege of exchanging one currency for […]

Travel Money Review

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OCTOBER 2014: My House is for sale: My House went on the market on the 1st September 2014. My House Sale is now a prerequisite for progressing the remainder of my Getting Ready items and activities. I have done what I can up to now and there is no point in doing any more […]

My House Sale

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  The Richardson Family Trust (RFT) sponsored the costs of My Vaccinations. Thank you.   SEPTEMBER 2014: Which Vaccinations Do You Need Before You Go? This is a practical review of which vaccinations you may require before embarking on a long-term overseas trip. My Vaccinations – Requirements By Country: There […]

Vaccinations Review

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AUGUST 2014: My House RV (Rating Value): In New Zealand, the Rating Value of a property is updated every 3 years. My last RV was done in August 2011. My next one was due in August 2014… just before I planned to put my house on the market. Although not always […]

My House Value