My House Sale

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My House is for sale:

My House went on the market on the 1st September 2014.

My House Sale is now a prerequisite for progressing the remainder of my Getting Ready items and activities.

I have done what I can up to now and there is no point in doing any more until I know that My House is definitely sold.

December 2014 Update:

Well, I had no offers in September, October, nor November 2014…

So, I decided to start in South East Asia anyway. This keeps me close to New Zealand so that I can quickly and cheaply fly home as and when I get an acceptable offer.

I decided to start in Indonesia. I flew into Kuta, Bali and headed for Gili Air in Lombok.

August 2015 Update:

I, finally, got a reasonable offer on my house.

I flew back to New Zealand late August 2015 to complete the sale.

October 2015 Update:

As per My Plan for Getting Ready, I gave away almost all of my possessions to my ex (Kathy) and my children… my children, now, have some of the best kitted out flats for their age in New Zealand. 🙂

I ended up keeping very little:

  • No furniture what-so-ever
  • Things of sentiment
  • My Hi Fi System (which is awesome)
  • Only my favourite clothes (the rest I gave to charity)

What I kept could fit into under 3 cubic metres of space. My friend is storing it for me free in the back of his garage. Thanks Dragos!

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