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OCTOBER 2014: OVERVIEW: Selling My House was a prerequisite for finalising my Getting Ready items and activities. As per My Plan, I gave away almost all of my possessions to my ex (Kathy) and my children … my children, now, have some of the best kitted out teenage flats in New Zealand. 🙂 I ended up keeping very little: No furniture what-so-ever Things of sentiment My Hi Fi System (which is awesome) Only my favourite clothes (the rest I gave to charity) What I kept fits into under 3 cubic metres of space. My friend is storing it for me free in the back […]

My House Sale

  The Richardson Family Trust (RFT) sponsored the costs of My Vaccinations. Thank you.   SEPTEMBER 2014: Which Vaccinations Do You Need Before You Go? This is a practical review of which vaccinations you may require before embarking on a long-term overseas trip. My Vaccinations – Requirements By Country: There are several websites that provide details of what vaccinations are required / recommended for different countries. I visited a couple of them for cross reference and constructed the following summary for me: As you can see, it is possible to go totally over-board on vaccinations; you can spend over NZ$1,700 / US$1,275 / […]

Vaccinations Review