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Gili Air Gita Gili Sunrise in the Restaurant
JANUARY 2015: OVERVIEW: I landed in Kuta, Bali with the intention of only spending a couple of days there. I was only there to organise how I was going to get to Gili Air in Lombok. Gili Air was the main focus of my trip. However, when it was time to leave Gili Air, I decided to take the opportunity to spend a few days in Kuta Town, Lombok. I left from Lombok airport to Malaysia – so did not require a return Fast Boat to Bali. CROSS REFERENCES: For more information, read my post on Gili Air. Click here to read about Retirement […]

Gili Air – Indonesia – GRANDPAcking Costs

JANUARY 2015: MEET THE EXPATS: From left to right: Carol Danny Suzanne Marg William Max Carol: Carol was born in Norway and has been living on Langkawi for 25 years. Carol runs a suite of 10 rental Chalets in the back lanes of Cenang Beach. Danny: Danny and his wife (who did not join us) are ex Australian Navy and are retired: both on a Navy pension. Danny and his wife classify as “rich” GRANDPAckers as their Navy Pension is higher than the normal State Pension. They rent a 3 bedroom House from Carol at RM3000 per month inclusive of all […]

Langkawi – Malaysia – Meet The Expats

JANUARY 2015: BACKGROUND: Trevor & Ellie are from the UK. Trevor retired 12 years ago. He sold his UK home and moved to Malta. Ellie sold up in the UK 8 years ago. Ellie met Trevor in Malta. Trevor & Ellie are now a retired couple living together and sharing costs. MALTA: Twelve years ago, Trevor bought a new home in the south of Malta for £50,000. The south of Malta is quieter and cheaper than the touristy north. House prices and the cost of living in Malta have increased significantly over the past 12 years. A good meal, now, in a good restaurant […]

Langkawi – Malaysia – Trevor and Ellie

JANUARY 2015: SUMMARY: Don’t buy one. If you are a ‘light’ user, why not get a proper tablet like a Galaxy Note or iPad. If you are a ‘serious’ user, get something else. I replaced mine with an ACER SWITCH 10E. SPECIFICATIONS: For detailed specifications, follow this link: In summary, it is a convertible tablet / laptop with: Wiindows 8.1 64GB of MMC Storage 10.1 inch screen Quad Core Baytrail processor 2GB of RAM Microsoft Office 2013 A long battery life (upto about 11 hours) If you check out the internet, it gets excellent reviews from all of the usual information sources. […]

ASUS Transformer Book T100 Review

JANUARY 2015: Click here to read our Retirement Review. Click here to read about Arriving in Langkawi. WHERE TO STAY: Cenang Beach is the main strip on Langkawi for budget and midrange accommodation, restaurants, bars and shopping. It’s naturally the liveliest place on the island. Most backpacker / budget guesthouses are on the street that runs away from the beach, opposite Orkid Ria restaurant (near the north end of the main drag). Budget rooms can be had for RM50 (NZ$20): for this you get one room with a double bed, a fan, bed sheets, clean towels, toilet paper, and attached ensuite […]

Langkawi – Malaysia – Information

JANUARY 2015: Click here to read our Retirement Review. IMMIGRATION: I used TIKET.COM to book a flight from Kuta Lombok via Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. When you land in Malaysia you land back into an organised, civilised world where things happen the way that you are used to. You join the ‘Foreign Passport Holders’ queue and get your 90 day Tourist Visa stamp. There is no ‘Arrival Card’ to fill in. But, they do scan both of your index fingers at the Immigration Desk. AIRPORT ATM: With the Lessons Learnt from arriving in Denpasar, I did my sums in advance. […]

Langkawi – Malaysia – Arrival