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Langkawi Monkey Beach EveryoneFrom left to right:

  • Carol
  • Danny
  • Suzanne
  • Marg
  • William
  • Max


Carol was born in Norway and has been living on Langkawi for 25 years. Carol runs a suite of 10 rental Chalets in the back lanes of Cenang Beach.


Danny and his wife (who did not join us) are ex Australian Navy and are retired: both on a Navy pension.

Danny and his wife classify as “rich” GRANDPAckers as their Navy Pension is higher than the normal State Pension. They rent a 3 bedroom House from Carol at RM3000 per month inclusive of all bills.

They have a “Malaysia My 2nd Home (MM2H)” ten year retirement visa and moved to Langkawi last year.

They found the MM2H process reasonably straight forward because they paid an Agent in Kuala Lumpur to handle all of the paperwork and details.

Their Agent charged RM2000 per person.

Max & Suzanne:

Max and Suzanne are Dutch and have also retired to Langkawi.

They are, presently, renting a 1 bedroom Chalet from Carol at RM1800 per month inclusive of all bills.

Max and Suzanne classify as GRANDPAckers.

William & Marg:

William and Marg are Dutch and are retired.

William ran a successful Opticians business in The Netherlands.

They come to Langkawi regularly to escape the Dutch winter; This time, they are in Langkawi for 3 months.

They have rented their own accommodation and they have purchased 2 bicycles for their stay (which they will sell when they leave).

Will and Marg do not classify as GRANDPAckers. They have more than the standard State Pension and can live a more ‘up market’ lifestyle.


Monkey Beach is not its real name. It is the nickname that Carol and her friends give to their ‘secret’ beach on the north coast of Langkawi. We decided to go there on Sunday.

The Beach:

Monkey Beach is a small sandy cove with clear water swimming (and no Jellyfish).

Off-road carparking is available at the beach but it is set back so that you have to walk a short distance down a pathway to get to the beach itself.

The beach has plenty of trees for shade and nice sandy areas to put down your towels and your picnic.


A step back from the beach is a tree-shaded area where you can play Petanque.

We played 3 sets: Boys vs Girls. The Girls won it 2 matches to 1.


Everyone brought along items for the picnic.

Being a single male (without suitable female guidance) I turned up with a couple of bottles of red wine, a dozen beers, and two boxes of chocolates. 🙂


We arrived at Monkey Beach at about 11am. We spent over 7 hours there; the time went by so quickly.

By the time that we got back home to Carol’s it was about 7:00pm. There, we were joined by Nani, a local Malaysian. Nani owns a Hotel on Cenang Beach road and lives in Kuah.

It was time for everyone to freshen up and re-group at Carol’s at 8:30pm to go out for Dinner.

The vote was The Red Tomato who are known to do good pizzas. Max got out his harmonica and played a few tunes.


It was at this point that the ‘smart’ people went home and left William, Marg, and I to make our way home along the Cenang Beach road.

We happened to pass by the Ruang Bar and were tempted to have ‘one for the road’. It is around about now that things started to get a bit ‘messy’. 🙂

All in all it was a great day and I thank the Expats for inviting me along.


Sunday blew 1/3 of my weekly ‘GRANDPAcking Living Funds’ but that’s OK – because the next day I jumped on my scooter and headed up the coast to Telaga Bay.

I sat myself down in the Harbour Front Cafe and ordered 2 fried eggs, coconut rice, and a hot lemon tea. Total RM5.10.

With the beautiful harbour view to inspire me, I sat down and worked on my website all day.

I couldn’t resists writing up this little ditty about Sunday just to let you know what life here on Langkawi is like… it definitely beats sitting in front of the TV.

My weekly budget was now back on track…

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