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FEBRUARY 2015: YOU SAVE YOUR LIVING ALLOWANCE: So, you are GRANDPAckers and have been retired (say) in Langkawi for a few months now and saved up most of your NZ$38 / day LIVING allowance… Or, this could just as easily have been Gili Air where you have saved up most of your NZ$43 / day LIVING allowance… You have saved up for 3 months and saved a total of at least NZ$2,500 / US$1,875 / €1,500 / £1,250. That means that you managed to save NZ$28 / day. Let’s face it, you haven’t had to suffer much… even your ‘costs of existence’ […]

Andaman Sea – Thailand – Scuba Dive Liveaboard

FEBRUARY 2015: INTRODUCTION: Khao Lak is one of the more expensive places in Thailand — expect, for most things, to pay double what you would pay 30-50 km away to the south in Phang Nga Town or to the north in Takua Pa. The largest number of resorts, restaurants, convenience stores and travel companies are found both on Phet Kasem at the centre of town and along Nang Thong beach itself. Nang Thong is the true centre of the Khao Lak area. The region hosts many resorts, scattered chiefly among three main urban areas, all containing businesses identifying themselves as “Khao Lak”. […]

Khao Lak – Thailand – Information

FEBRUARY 2015: OVERVIEW: To read about Arriving in Koh Phayam click here. In contrast to Malaysia, when you land in Thailand you land back into a more dis-organised, less- structured world where things just some-how happen. People drive using ’the force’ and don’t necessarily obey the rules of the road. On the islands, English is spoken widely and you can generally get understood – by both the locals as well as the tourists.   KNOW THIS FIRST: The minimum wage in Thailand isn’t much different from that in Indonesia (see my write up on Gili Air for more details). Having said that, islands like […]

Koh Phayam – Thailand – Information

JANUARY 2015: ACCOMMODATION: You can use online booking applications to find and book accommodation if you want but you will be paying a premium for the convenience. A premium of up to 100% (even for heavily discounted hotels). Avoid Indah Hotel – it is terrible. The standard rooms are grotty, rumour is that dogs wash in the pool at night, and it is all very run down; which makes it overpriced for what you get. You can get a Homestay ‘off the street’ for about 100k-150k per night depending on the quality of theI booked in at a Homestay down […]

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FEBRUARY 2015: OVERVIEW: I flew directly to Langkawi via Kuala Lumpur and flew out of Langkawi to Krabi (Thailand) via Kuala Lumpur. CROSS REFERENCES: For more information, read my post on Langkawi. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information and more Travel Budgets in this country. Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures. SPREADSHEET SUMMARY: ACTUAL COSTS: Accommodation: Typical accommodation was a Chalet 200-300m from the beach with aircon, front deck, hammock, and COLD WATER shower. Food: Typical food for the day would be about MYR33.50 Breakfast: Fried eggs on toast (MYR6), […]

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FEBRUARY 2015: ARRIVAL AT RANONG: The bus ride from Krabi to Ranong was scheduled to take 6 hours. It took 7 hours. By the time that I got there I had a sore bum (the seats were not the most comfortable that I have ever sat on). We were at the Ranong Bus Station by 3:30pm. If I went again (depending on where I was coming from), I would seriously consider taking the flight to Ranong from Bangkok. If I had known this at the time, I would have changed: From: Langkawi – air – Kuala Lumpur –air – Krabi […]

Ko Phayam – Thailand – Arrival