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Koh Phayam – Thailand – GRANDPAcking Costs



My costs start and end in Ranong.

I spent the whole 14 nights in a Beach Bungalow on Aow Yai Beach.


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Accommodation: Typical accommodation was a Bungalow 20m from the beach with double bed, front deck, hammock, and COLD WATER shower.

Food: Typical food for the day would be about THB315.

  • Breakfast: Fried eggs on toast (THB60), coffee (THB30), large water (THB30) = THB120
  • Lunch: Tom Yum Gai (THB60), White Rice (THB25), large water (THB30) = THB115
  • Dinner: Something for about THB60-THB100 = THB80 average

My ‘Cost of Existing / Day’ was THB1,145 / NZ$50 / US$37 / €35 / £25. This put a reasonable roof over my head, gave me necessary transport & other basic necessities, fed me 3 times each day in a ‘reasonably priced’ restaurant, and paid for my refreshments.

My available ‘LIVING Funds’ each day were THB695 / NZ$30 / US$23 / €21 / £15.

I spent most of these ‘LIVING Funds’ on beer (averaging 1 glass of wine at THB100 and 4 cans of beer at THB55 each day) but easily managed to keep within budget.

My actual GRANDPAcking costs came in at NZ$65 / US$49 / €46 / £33 per day.


Accommodation: You should easily be able to hold costs to THB500 per night – especially if you stay in one resort for the whole duration of your holiday. However, this will get you a COLD WATER shower.

Transport: The more adventurous can walk to Mae Mae Village and back – it makes a nice day trip.

Communications & Fees: One SIMcard data plan would be enough for the normal person.

Food: There were no significant savings to be made.

After making such adjustments, the ‘Costs Of Existence’ for 2 GRANDPAckers will be about THB1,151 / NZ$50 / US$38 / €35 / £25 per day.

This gives you THB629 per day to LIVE on (i.e. 37% of your GRANDPAcking budget is available for LIVING).

With that money you could:

  • rent 2 scooters with petrol for the day and tour the island (THB250 each plus petrol)
  • upgrade to one of the best bungalows on the beach (at THB1100 / night)
  • eat 2 of the most expensive dishes on a beachfront restaurant’s menu (e.g. whole fish dishes started at THB300) and have money left
  • have 6 cocktails in Happy Hour or 6 large bottles of Leo or 6 glasses of wine
  • save up for 2 days and buy some Marijuana (THB1000 for a reasonable sized bag)
  • have 12Kgs of laundry done
  • buys lots of personal goodies in the local minimart
  • buy 6Kgs of mangoes

Having such funds available day after day means that every day is a good day.


I was ‘sensible’ with my expenditure without ever being ‘too frugal’.

I wanted for nothing and did everything that I wanted to do – including a few ‘big nights out’ with friends.

If I had spent all of my resultant ‘LIVING funds’, I would have been living very comfortably.

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