Labuan – Malaysia – GRANDPAcking Costs

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JULY 2015:


My costs start in Kota Kinabalu and include:

  • The fast ferry from KK to Labuan
  • 6 nights / 7 days in Labuan
  • The fast boat from Labuan to Menumbok
  • The Arcon bus from Menumbok to KK


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Labuan GRANDPAcking Costs


Accommodation: Typical accommodation was a Double Room with aircon, hot water en suite, Malay TV, and in-room WiFi in a budget hotel.

Transport: Typical transport was a ‘Malaysian Quality’ fast boat and an Aircon Bus; these are almost ‘western standard’.

Food: I averaged about MYR21 / day but I didn’t follow the GRANDPAcking ‘standard’. I had Fried Eggs and Roti Chanai for Breakfast on several occasions.

My ‘Cost of Existing / Day’ was MYR119 / NZ$49 / US$34 / €30 / £21. This put a reasonable roof over my head, gave me necessary transport & other basic necessities, fed me 3 times each day in a ‘reasonably priced’ restaurant, and paid for my refreshments.

My available ‘LIVING Funds’ each day were MYR75 / NZ$31 / US$20 / €19 / £13.

I spent most of these ‘LIVING Funds’ on beer (averaging 3 large beers at MYR6.50 each per day) but easily managed to keep within budget.

My actual GRANDPAcking costs came in at MYR125 / NZ$52 / US$35 / €31 / £22 per day.


Accommodation: As I say in my Labuan post, you will be lucky to find anything decent for under MYR120 / night – which I have discounted to MYR100 / night for a long term rate. For that you may also get aircon, and / or in-room wifi, and /or cable TV.

Transport: It is assumed that you will stay in Victoria and go everywhere on foot (which should not be a problem – as Victoria is very walkable).

Food: There aren’t many cheap options. At lunch and dinner you could save a couple of MYR each by eating in the night market – but that’s all.

After making such adjustments, the ‘Costs Of Existence’ for 2 GRANDPAckers will be about MYR145 / NZ$60 / US$41/ €37 / £26 per day.

This gives you MYR49 per day to LIVE on (i.e. 25% of your GRANDPAcking budget is available for LIVING).

With that money you could:

  • eat 2 of the most expensive dishes on a restaurant’s menu and have money left
  • have 7 large beers

Having such funds available day after day means that every day is a good day.


A GRANDPAcking couple could do a 1 week ‘break’ in Labuan within their standard daily budget of NZ$80 / day inclusive of transport costs to / from KK.

However, that will NOT be enough to do any real LIVING. If you want to see some of the island, do some duty free shopping, take advantage of some of the cheap clothing options, and/or have a few drinks at night you will need to save up some spending money before you go…

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