Padang Bai to Amed – Indonesia – Scooter Trip

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AUGUST 2015:


I was staying in Padang Bai and my plan was to stay there a few days before moving north to Amed.

Amed is only 30km north of Padang Bai so I decided to rent a scooter and have a look at Amed in advance. A bit like I did with Kep whilst staying in Kampot.


I found another Kep… Albeit a lot more compact.

Amed is, effectively, a string of holiday resorts that stretch about 10km along the coastline broken only by the rise and fall of the coastline between the crescent bays. There is no town and no ‘heart’.

From your hotel / resort you can either walk north along the coastline, or south. So, without transport, your world is limited to the other hotels and resorts that you can walk to in either direction.

It is a tourist centre. Albeit, what looks to be, a very nice one.

The accommodation is mid-range and above; I didn’t see any ‘backpacker’ accommodation.

For IDR450k / night you can get a nice Double Bamboo Chalet with hot water ensuite on the beachfront with its own verandah with table and chairs.

Amed would be a very nice place for a holiday but it is not a GRANDPAcking location.


However, it proved to be a nice day trip that I can recommend the trip to anyone who feels confident on a scooter.

It takes about 2 hours to drive to Amed from Padang Bai. With a 4 hour round trip, it gives you plenty of time to stop and enjoy the scenery, go for a swim, have lunch, and enjoy the event.


Here is a taste of what you will see on the way:

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