Nha Trang – Vietnam – SCUBA Dive Trip

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I had just arrived in Nha Trang that same evening. I had booked into my Guesthouse and had ‘hit the streets’ to find a local street cafe for dinner.

I met an Englishman who was dining next to me. He worked for Rainbow Dive, one of the best Dive Shops in Nha Trang.

He told me that they were going out the next day and that, because it was Friday, we got 3 dives instead of 2… with the last dive being a ‘Debris Dive’ where you collect debris from the sea floor.

The cost for the day was US$75 all inclusive. I went down to Crazy Kim’s (the Rainbow Dive shop is at the back), ‘did the paperwork’, and booked for the next day.


We met at Crazy Kim’s at 6:50am the next morning.

By 7:30 we were on a nice, modern, aircon bus and heading for the pier.

It was an ‘average’ boat – nothing fancy – but good enough for the 45 minute ride out to sea to our first SCUBA spot.Nha Trang - SCUBA - Boat Seating


On the way out we got our ‘orientation & safety briefing’ and were kitted out with out diving gear (all inclusive – NO HIDDEN SURPRISES nor HIDDEN CHARGES).

We reached our first dive spot by about 9:30 and were in the water straight away.

The dive site was average (I was a bit spoilt on my Andaman Sea Liveaboard Dive).


Visibility isn’t that great this time of year… about 5 metres.

By 10:30am we were back on the boat and having brunch (included):

  • A selection of filled Baguette rolls
  • Doughnuts, cakes, and tarts
  • Fresh fruits
  • Water, Tea, Coffee

By 11:30 we were back in the water for our second dive.

By 13:00 we were doing our Debris Dive… a nice selection of plastics, fishing tackle, etc and one tractor tyre.

We were back at Crazy Kim’s by about 14:30.


Excellent value for money. I highly recommend both Rainbow Dive and this Friday dive.

It’s hard to beat an all inclusive SCUBA Diving day trip at US$25 / dive.

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