Hanoi – Vietnam – GRANDPAcking Costs

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My costs start where I was dropped off in the Hanoi Old Quarter and include:

  • 8 nights in a GRANDPAcking Standard hotel
  • Food & Drink
  • Mobile Data / Communications
  • Visa cost apportionment
  • Partying
  • Transport to Hanoi Airport


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Hanoi GRANDPAcking Costs


Cost Of Existence (COE):

Accommodation: My accommodation was a ‘GRANDPAcking Standard’ Double with aircon and cable TV (with only 1 or 2 English sports & movie channels) in the Old Quarter, Hanoi. A simple buffet breakfast was included.

Transport: You can walk around the Old Quarter. You can rent bicycles and scooters but I wouldn’t advise it.

Communications & Fees: In Saigon, I had already purchased a 1 month Viettel SIMcard which I had already ‘topped up’ a couple of times. I needed to top it up one more time in Hanoi because, sometimes, the wifi in my hotel room lost its internet connection.

Food: I averaged  VND100k / day but I was all over the place… some nights I would just grab a street baguette but on others I would splash out in a nice restaurant.

My ‘Cost of Existing / Day’ was VND419k / NZ$29 / US$19 / €17 / £13.

This put a ‘good’ roof over my head, gave me necessary transport & other basic necessities, fed me 3 times each day in a local cafe, and paid for my refreshments.


My available ‘LIVING Funds’ each day were VND720k / NZ$51 / US$33 / €30 / £23.

LIVING Costs: I just hung around the Old Quarter and relaxed. As there really wasn’t much to do, I found myself out partying every other night. I spent another 54% of my Costs Of Existence on partying and another 8% on buying a pair of Nike shoes.

My actual GRANDPAcking costs came in at VND699k / NZ$49 / US$32 / €29 / £22 per day. This was 61% of my total budget… I still had 39% of my budget left. And, that was AFTER being stung for over VND700k on drinks on a single night down at my favourite Pool Bar!

I had more than enough LIVING funds to have fun as and when I wanted to.


Cost Of Existence (COE):

Accommodation: You should easily be able to book a GRANDPAcking Standard room online for VND350k / night (US$16 / night) for your first couple of nights. This should be in the Old Quarter and include breakfast. For the same, you should be able to negotiate a nicer long term hotel (including breakfast) walking in off the street.

Transport: I have included an average 5km each way return taxi fare for 1 day per week so that you can get out of the old Quarter on excursions.

Communications: I have included a prepaid 1 Month Viettel 3GB package with 30 minutes of talk time.

Food: You should be able to get breakfast included in your hotel rate; this will save you VND110k / day and provide you with a better breakfast. For Lunch and Dinner, I have included a budget for eating in local cafes or on the street.

The ‘Costs Of Existence’ of 2 GRANDPAckers is about VND585k / NZ$41 / US$26 / €24 / £18 per day.


This is about VND554k per day to LIVE on (i.e. 49% of your GRANDPAcking budget).

With that money you could:

  • Upgrade your dinner and eat in a nice restaurant (and still have VND300-400k left)
  • Drink 55 pints of draft beer (Bia Hoi) or 27 Happy Hour Tigers
  • Save up for a couple of days and both go on a Local tour
  • Save up for a week and both go on a Halong Bay cruise or a trip to Sapa
  • Go shopping

With that amount of LIVING funds available each day, every day is a good day.


Come in Shoulder Season when you get sunny weather and can get the best out of what Hanoi has to offer.

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