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Coron – Philippines – LIVING on a GRANDPAcking Budget


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I have already provided Information about Coron and the GRANDPAcking Costs.

Coron - View Out From Harbour Coron - Waterfront SunsetThe Cost Of Existence (COE) in Coron Town comes out at 76% of a GRANDPAcking couple’s budget (US$41 out of a daily budget of US$52). This doesn’t leave much for LIVING.

In this post, I suggest how GRANDPAckers can LIVE 10 nights in Coron on a GRANDPAcking budget of US$52 / day. To do so, GRANDPAckers need to compromise on the quality of their accommodation (but not too much)…


I assume that you are in El Nido (the most likely place).

El Nido - To Coron - 6 - Ferry Seating El Nido - To Coron - 9 - Passing IslandsIf you read my post on El Nido, you will see that I actually recommend that you stay in Nacpan Beach rather than El Nido Town itself.

Anyway, you need to make your way from El Nido to Coron on a Bunso ‘ferry’.

You buy your ferry tickets for PHP1400 each, get a Tribike to the Ferry Terminal, and pay your PHP20 / person Port Tax.


From the Coron Ferry Terminal, you need to catch a Tribike to your Coron Town hotel.

Coron - Main Street West Coron - Jims Castle - OutsideThere are plenty of backpacker level accommodation options at PHP500 / night. Some are better than others.

You walk in off of the street and pick the one you like the best.

Coron - Jims Castle - Fan Room BalconyCoron - Jims Castle - Fan Room BedIf you are happy to walk 500 metres in and out of town centre, then I suggest that you look at a Fan Double with Shared Bathroom at JIM’S CASTLE INN.

It would, obviously, be more convenient to be closer to the centre of town, but you are likely to have to compromise on the quality of your room and lodge environment.

Either way, for PHP500 / night, you are going to have to compromise on your GRANDPAcking standards – and share a bathroom.

Compromising on your accommodation is key to the next 10 days of LIVING in Coron.


Coron - Tour PricesDay 1: Is spent getting the Ferry from El Nido to Coron (which takes 6-8 hours), finding your accommodation in Coron Town, and booking Tour A for the following day

Day 2: You do Tour A

Day 3: You have a day off to relax, wander around Coron Town, and book a rental scooter for Day 4

Day 4: You tour the west coast of Busuanga Island on a shared scooter

Day 5: You have a day off to relax, wander around Coron Town, and book Tour B for Day 6

Day 6: You do Tour B

Day 7: You have a day off to relax, wander around Coron Town, and book a rental scooter for Day 8

Day 8: You tour the east coast of Busuanga Island on a shared scooter

Day 9: You have a day off to relax, wander around Coron Town, and book Tour C (or D) for Day 10

Day 10: You do Tour C (or D)

Day 11: You return to El Nido by Ferry



You will need to buy breakfast each morning.

If you stay at Jim’s, I suggest that you have one of their PHP70 breakfasts each morning. To keep your costs down, buy some sachets of coffee (or teabags) at a local store and ask Jim’s to just give you a kettle of hot water (which they are happy to do).

If you stay nearer the centre of town, I suggest that you go to the ‘tin-pot buffets’ on the waterfront near the Public Market. You can get 2 Fried Eggs and Rice for PHP45 or one of their tin-pot meals with rice for PHP50-60.


You will be provided Lunch on Tours A, B, and C/D.

Coron - Buffet - Chicken Curry w Soup PHP75 Coron - Buffet - Grilled Fish Rice Soup Small Water PHP45When in Coron Town relaxing, I suggest that you go to the ‘tin-pot buffets’ on the waterfront near the Public Market where you can eat for PHP60 (a Grilled Fish with Rice is only PHP45-50); buy a fruit drink from the supermarket or a shake from a street stall.

Around the island on a scooter, you should easily be able to find places to eat that are cheaper than Coron Town itself.


You will need to buy dinner each night.

There are several cheap places in Coron Town where you can eat for an average price of PHP120; PHP75 should get you a nice fruit juice.


You will be provided water on your Tours. I have given you a budget of 4L / day for the other days.


Coron Trip GRANDPAcking Costs


On one of you ‘relaxing days’, you book your return ferry back to El Nido.

Alternatively, you could move on from Coron to Mindoro Island. The ferry to Mindoro is only PHP1000 (vs the PHP1400 back to El Nido).


Over the 10 days in Coron, you will spend almost all of your GRANDPAcking Budget.

If you want a few beers in the evening (or some Rum & Cokes) bring some extra spending money with you.

Otherwise, you get to see a lot of Coron and have a really nice holiday… within you GRANDPAcking budget.

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