Bacolod – Philippines – To Dumaguete

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APRIL 2016:


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I had spent 3 nights in the SUITES AT CALLE NUEVA in Bacolod, Western Visayas.

I was slowly making my way south from the famous Boracay Island to Siquijor Island.

Dumaguete was my next stop on the way.

My trip had taken me via Roxas (Panay), Iloilo (Panay) and Bacolod (Negros); I was unimpressed by all of these cities so far … in fact, I have been unimpressed by all of the cities that I have visited in The Philippines.

Dumaguete is a University City with lots of students around … I am hoping that their influence adds a bit of spark to the place … let’s see what I find …


I will NEVER learn.

I like to walk – when I can. I wear out the wheels on my suitcase before I wear out the suitcase! Bacolod was no exception …

Armed with my brand new suitcase (bought at half price in the sale at Bacolod SM City Mall), I decided to walk the 1 km from my hotel to the Southern Bus Terminal.

I left my hotel at 8:45 and got there at 9:10. It was an easy walk … and, the bus terminal was easy to find on Google Maps … why catch a Tribike?


If you search online, it is easy to find details about the buses from Bacolod to Dumaguete.

They start at 2am in the morning and leave almost every hour for the rest of the day.

Not all of them are aircon though … so you have to target the right bus.

The ones that leave very early in the morning are mostly aircon and take 5 hours (lack of road traffic) … but later in the morning, there are only 3 aircon buses: 7:30am, 9:30am, and noon.

I was targeting the 9:30am.

The bus to Dumaguete was easy to find. I walked up to it, checked that it was the right bus, loaded my luggage, and hopped on.

These Ceres aircon buses are VERY comfortable. They are better than catching a Minivan.

You get plenty of room, the aircon is good, the seats are comfortable, the seats recline, and they play movies all the way. The daytime trip is scheduled for 6 hours, mine took 6.5 but I was comfortable all the way.

We left at 9:30 on the dot. By noon, we were at Kabankalan – where we stopped for 25 minutes.

About 1.5 hours later we were at Mabinay – where we stopped for another 25 minutes.

We arrived in Dumaguete just after 4pm.


As we approached Dumagete proper, I had my GPS in hand.

As usual, the Bus Terminal is not in the centre of town. The Ceres bus stops about 2 kms south of the Ferry Terminal.

The bus driver is usually happy to stop closer to your destination if you ask them in advance. Which I did.

But the Ferry Terminal was the closest that they were going to get to my hotel – which was perfect for me.

From there, it was an easy 500m walk to my Harold’s Mansion Hostel.


I had done my ‘usual thing’ and pre-booked my dumaguete accommodation.

I was only staying for a total of 3 nights, so I booked all 3 nights in advance.

There was no point in ‘mucking around’.

I found the best priced accommodation (Harold’s) on ASIATRAVEL.COM.

I paid a ‘discounted’ rate of PHP776 / night for a Double Room including breakfast.

 Harold’s is on a main road.

Harold’s is a ‘hostel’.

The room was what I was expecting …  basic.

It was a big room that came with aircon, desk, fan, hot water ensuite, and a large wardrobe.

The ensuite was OK (but run-down) with plenty of water pressure (which made a pleasant change).

I chose Harold’s because it had a rooftop bar with a pool table … I hope to take on a few of these young spunks to see if I can take some wind out of their sails …


The trip from Bacolod to Dumaguete is a long but easy one.

Door-to-door it took me 7.5 hours (walking at both ends). My total cost was PHP359 (for the Ceres bus).

I left my Iloilo hotel at 8:45am and I was checking in at my Dumaguete hotel by 4:15pm.

After having an SSSS, I headed out for Dinner then back to the Rooftop bar at Harold’s for a cold one. They had a guitarist playing.


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