Guanajuato – Mexico – To San Miguel de Allende

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AUGUST 2016:

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I made my way from Ajijic to Guanajuato. I stayed in a Vacation Rental for 7 nights.

Guanajuato - Garuda - Entry Accommodation in Guanajuato is a problem … on ANY hotel search engine (including my favourites: AGODA.COM and BOOKING.COM), you will struggle to find a nice Double Room with Ensuite for less than MXP700 / night.

So, as with Ajijic, I changed tack and pre-booked a Vacation Rental through TRIPADVISOR.

The cost was US$167 / week (MX442 / night).

The Vacation Rental was very comfortable.

You entered through a hallway. Off the hallway was a separate lounge with Cable TV. Off of the lounge was a separate conservatory.

At the end of the hallway was a kitchen with all of the equipment that you need including plates, cutlery, pots, a toaster, a coffee maker, a hot pad, a fridge/freezer, and dining table.

The kitchen led to a nice Double bedroom with good furniture. Fan.

The ensuite was a good size.

All in all, the place was well appointed and very clean and tidy.

It was time to move on the the next ‘Magical Town’: San Miguel De Allende.


A search of Google Maps for the ‘Central De Autobuses’ in Guanajuato will give you the WRONG location:

It shows it to be on the edge of town in Pozuelos.

The correct location is 7kms out of centre where Primera Plus is shown. This is the same station that I arrived at when I came to Guanajuato from Ajijic.


I checked out of my Vacation Rental at 11:20 and ordered an UBER Taxi.

This was the first time that I have seen the ‘UBER Price Increase’ working … apparently, when there aren’t enough UBER Taxis active, they up the prices to attract the drivers to get on the road.

The price increase can vary and the increase is only temporary. I had to pay 1.7x the standard fare to get to the Bus Station.

The UBER Taxi arrived at 11:30. He drove fast. We arrived at the Bus Station at 11:45.

The fare was MXP33.50 (instead of the usual MXP20).


There are several different bus companies operating.

I queued up at the Primera Plus counter.

Their next bus left at 11:50am – just as I hit the counter. The bus after that left an hour later at 12:50pm.

There were 2 seats left on the 11:50am. The price was MXP136.

I headed directly to the bus and checked in my bags – which went into the Luggage Compartment.

On Primera Plus, you get a free drink and snack as you get onto the bus. I grabbed those and found my seat. We left 2 minutes later at 11:55am.

As usual, the bus was very comfortable. Each seat had its own Entertainment System (in Spanish). The bus had free wifi.

The trip took just over 1 hour. We got off of the bus at 1:10pm.


Again, the Central De Autobuses is not in the city centre but it is reasonably close:

I walked out of the terminal and, as seems usual, there was a local bus stop at the front.

I waited for the next bus. Whilst I waited, I started talking to a young Mexican man who was visiting from Guadalajara.

The bus came but it was full – no room for me (let alone my suitcase!). The young Mexican invited me to share his taxi.

The journey to the centre is only about 2kms – I think that the Mexican paid MXP30. He wouldn’t let me pay my share.


The taxi dropped us off in the central pedestrian district. From there, it was only a 300m walk to my hostel. But, still a little bit inconvenient with a suitcase because of the cobblestone streets.

I was unsuccessful finding a Vacation Rental in San Miguel. There were very few hotels / hostels to choose from in our GRANDPAcking price range.

So, I booked the La Posada Del Artesano on BOOKING.COM.

I had learned from Guanajuato … this time, I wanted to be in the ‘heart’ of the city … within walking distance of everything … for that ‘privilege’, I was prepared to compromise on my accommodation standards … and, BOY, did I compromise … !!!

As I walked, I passed a street parade. It was about 100m long.

Locals dressed up in traditional costume dancing down the street.

I stopped and watched until the procession passed.

I found my hostel using Google Maps. Well, I found a door at 42 Calle Loreto. No reception. After knocking on the door and trying to get someone’s attention for 5 minutes, I young girl approached me.

She told me that the reception was about 50m further down the road at #8 Calle Loreto (which was another hostel with a different name).

She worked there and we walked down together.

Check in was quick and easy and the young girl walked me back to #42 and showed me my room.

Compared to my Vacation Rentals in Ajijic and Guanajuato, this was like ‘chalk and cheese’ (see the pictures at the top of this post).

There are 6 rooms sharing 2 bathrooms (both reasonably clean) and a common kitchen (basic with a shared fridge / freezer).

The rooms are basic … you get a bed and a bedside table. A floor standing fan.

No wardrobe … so, once again, I hung my clothes on the curtain rail.

The view from my room wasn’t much to shout about either.

It is worth noting that I paid more per night for the Artesano than I did for the Vacation Rental in Guanajuato.


Have a look yourself:


The trip from Guanajuato to San Miguel De Allende is an easy one … if you go to the right Central De Autobuses in Guanajuato.

Door-to-door it should take about 2 hours.

My total cost was MXP170. But, for 2 GRANDPAckers, budget MXP340 (using UBER Taxis).

I will tell you more about San Miguel in my next post.


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