Roatan – Honduras – GRANDPAcking Costs

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JULY 2017:


This post contains a detailed breakdown of costs for 2 GRANDPAckers holidaying on West End, Roatan Island, Honduras to GRANDPAcking standard.

As a reminder, this “standard” requires 2 GRANDPAckers to:

  • Stay in an Hotel Double Room with Fan and Private Bathroom
  • Eat 3 ‘balanced’ meals each day in a budget restaurant


For more detail, read Roatan – Honduras – A Beginner’s Guide & Where to Stay and Roatan – Honduras – Information. The latter won’t be posted until the middle of August 2017 (when I leave the island).

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Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures.



I did not live in West End, Roatan to GRANDPAcking standard – I couldn’t afford to.

My costs are, therefore, unhelpful … so, they have been omitted.

However, in my next post “Roatan – Honduras – LIVING on a GRANDPAcking Budget” (to be  posted late August 2017), I will provide my actual costs for comparative purposes … and, so that people can see how it can be done.


As usual, costs are broken down into:

  • Cost Of Existence
  • Cost Of Living



I suggest that GRANDPAckers pre-book 2 nights with someone like BOOKING.COMEXPEDIA.COM or AGODA.COM.

I suggest that you pre-book because there are only 2-3 places in the West End that GRANDPAckers can afford. Start your search well in advance. In particular, keep your eye on Georphi’s and snap up the first decent discounted price that they advertise.

The standard price at Georphi’s for a Double Fan Room with Private Bathroom is US$42 / night. This is the cheapest that I could find in West End. If you are prepared to share a bathroom for your first 2 nights, you can get this down to US$34 at Georphi’s … and a similar price at 2 other hostels in town.

Once in West End, you can walk around town and see who will give you a reduced price for 4 more weeks. You should be able to get a Double Fan Room with Private Bathroom for US$35 on such a long term stay.

Alternatively, I suggest that you contact West End Hotels by email well in advance and ask them to quote you for 1 month. However, my experience is that the hotels will prefer to ‘take the chance’ that they will get booked out at full rate so you may not get many quoting reduced prices. Most hotels in West End charge US$55+ / night. Many do not do long term rates.

Don’t expect to get Breakfasts included at these prices. And, don’t expect a seaview.


You will be island-bound. The cost of a return trip from port-to-port to La Ceiba is about US$70 each excluding taxi costs at each end.

There is a budget for 2 people to get to and from Coxen Hole in a Colectivo once each week.

Otherwise you will need to walk everywhere.


I have included a TIGO SIMcard (HNL55) and a prepaid 1 Month plan with 1GB of data for HNL400.

This may be more than you need … but free wifi in West End is unreliable.


I have budgeted for you to eat something from the ‘lower quartile’ of the Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menu in local cafes. This budget is for a ‘balanced’ diet … you are not expected to live on tortillas every day. Don’t expect to eat anywhere ‘fancy’.

Roatan is VERY americanised … it might just as well be another state of the USA … tipping (if not automatically added to your bill as a hidden ‘extra’) is almost compulsory. I have included the cost of tips in the, below, prices. A 10% tip is expected.

Expect to pay an average of HNL145 for a Breakfast and HNL30 for a coffee.

Expect to pay an average of HNL125 for a Lunch (e.g. Pupusas) and HNL25 for a fruit drink (like a Lemon Water).

Expect to pay an average of HNL250 for a Dinner and HNL40 for a fruit juice / beer. Some nights you will be eating cheap at about US$6 / HNL150:

Other nights, you will be eating one of the cheapest meals on the menu for US$11 / HNL275:

This Dinner ‘average’ takes into account the ‘specials’ that you find around town like the ‘all-you-can-eat Chicken Wings at C-Level’ for US$10+ on Monday night and the ‘half-priced pizza’ for US$7+ at Splash Inn on Tuesday night.

Do not expect to get free water at your hotel. Expect to buy your water in 5 Gallon containers. There is a returnable deposit on the container and it should cost you HNL50 for each refill.


The ‘Cost Of Existence’ of 2 GRANDPAckers is about HNL2025 / NZ$125 / US$93 / €79 / £71 per day.


This leaves you NOTHING to LIVE on. You are already 56% over-budget. Sit on a beach.


Roatan Island is too expensive for GRANDPAckers. In fact, Honduras (as a whole) has been a bit of a surprise (so far) … it is not as cheap as one would expect … not in the ‘relatively safe’ tourist locations anyway.

GRANDPAckers wanting to holiday in Roatan will need to deviate from GRANDPAcking Standard.

To find out how, read my next post “Roatan – Honduras – LIVING on a GRANDPAcking Budget” which I will publish before the end of August 2017.


Roatan Island has NOT made it into my Retirement REVIEWS.

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