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MAY 2019:


PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Turkey is the New Turkish Lira (I will refer to them as T$s). At the time of writing, US$1 = T$6.

I was making my way slowly up the mediterranean coast from Antalya to Istanbul.

I spent 3 nights in Kemer.

It was, now, time to move on to Kas …


You need to get to the Kemer Bus Terminal up on the D400.

This is likely to be about 1.5kms from your hotel. A taxi should cost T$10-T$15. I walked. I was there at 10:15am.

You do not catch a bus at the bus terminal itself, you catch a bus at the bus stop on the D400 feeder road. Buses to Kas and Fethiye pass about every 30 minutes. Their destinations are clearly displayed in the front window. Flag one down.

My bus to Kas arrived at 10:40am. The driver got out to help put my suitcase in the luggage compartment and I jumped on.

The bus stops every 45 minutes-ish at the main towns along the way. You get a short 5 minute break at each stop.

We arrived at the Kas Bus Terminal at 1:40pm.

The price was T$25.


Kaş, once an unspoiled fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast two hours drive southeast of Fethiye and three hours drive southwest of Antalya.

Across the water to the south lies the Greek island of Megisti. You can go there easily for a day trip.

The modern town occupies the site of ancient Antiphellos, with still-visible ruins including a theatre.

The 4th-century-B.C. Lion Tomb, with 2 carved lion heads, is one of many Lycian rock tombs in the area. The ‘Lycian Way’, a marked trail, passes by the town.

Kaş sits at the foot of a wall of mountains facing the sparkling Mediterranean. The town centre has whitewashed houses and buildings covered in bougainvillea.

Kas has an ‘unhurried’ feel about it and, due to its location, it gets fewer visitors than other towns that are more quickly accessible.


Our walk starts on the main street into town up near the bus terminal and the MiGros Supermarket:We turn to the right and follow one of the back streets towards the harbour. Here you find several budget accommodation options (including my own hotel):

We continue past tidy side streets:

And, arrive at the harbour:

The Harbour area is riddled with cafes and restaurants:

As we leave the Harbour we find more (better priced) restaurants in the surrounding streets:

And walk down more tidy back streets to the main road:

All-in-all a tidy, picturesque tourist fishing village 🙂


I couldn’t search for May (I was already in late May!) so, here is what was on offer in the month of October 2019.


PLEASE NOTE: Booking.com did not work in Turkey whilst I was there. You will have to pre-book from outside of the country.


I suggest that you use HOTELS whilst inside Turkey … they consistently offer the best prices, selection, and discounts.

PLEASE NOTE: HOTELS usually displays prices INCLUSIVE of TAXES.


A good alternative is an Holiday Home.

PLEASE NOTE: Other sites (such as Homeaway, FlipKey and VRBO are also worth a look).


GRANDPAckers cannot afford to come to Kas in Peak Season: June to September. You will have to come in Shoulder Season (May or October). You can get accommodation including breakfast at almost half the price (and, the weather is still good). For the best discounts / prices, book at least 2+ months in advance.


The MicroBus dropped me off at the bus terminal about 150 metres from my hotel.

I used HOTELS.COM to book a Double Room with Private Bathroom (single occupancy) at the Ani Pension. This included Breakfast. I paid EURO45 for 3 nights (about T$102 / US$17.35 per night).

There is no Reception desk, so I walked up to the rooftop restaurant. The cleaner called the owner who arrived within 5 minutes and checked me in. My room was an average size.

It came with (working) aircon, a wardrobe, and Cable TV (one English speaking channels – News).

The bathroom was small but functional with hot water shower.

I had a small balcony with a view over the street.

The Breakfast was a typical Turkish Breakfast: cornflakes, boiled eggs, cucumber, tomato, olives, cheese, bread, and a selection of jams / spreads. A tea / coffee was included. It was served individually.

Breakfast was served up on the rooftop.

With pleasant views over the town.

Wifi was ‘good’ in everywhere. You could stream video at night.


Kas is built on a slight hill but it is easy to walk around.

I suggest that you try and get accommodation within 1 Km of the Harbour; try and keep harbourside of the Bus Terminal if you can.


Have a look yourself:



There are Supermarkets in town, so this makes a villa option more viable.


Eating down in the Harbour area is very pleasant.

A typical ‘budget’ menu looks like this:

I tried the Chicken Curry for T$30. It was ‘average’:

Many of the restaurants offer a ‘daily special’ for T$30-T$35. This is, usually, a whole pan-fried fish dish or something like a Chicken Kebab meal.


A local 500ml beer in a supermarket costs T$9-11. T$13 for something more ’boutique’. Pay T$1 more if you buy in a convenience store.

You will get the same T$10 beer in the cheapest restaurants for T$15 but expect to usually pay T$20. Down in the Harbour costs start at T$16.


You should get your Breakfast included in your hotel room rate. If not, expect to pay an average of T$25 for a cheap local Breakfast with tea / coffee.

Expect to pay an average of T$30 for a cheap Lunch with fruit drink.

Expect to pay an average of T$45 for a cheap Dinner with a Fruit Juice / Small Beer.


You can walk everywhere.

I don’t know taxi prices, sorry. But, from what I hear so far, expect to pay about T$5 for ‘flag fall’ and T$5 per km.

A local bus to Kemer (3 hours) or Fethiye (3 hours) costs T$25. As a guideline, budget T$8 per hour of travel.


You can pay in Euros almost everywhere. Some places take GBP. A few take US$s. For the best prices, pay in T$s.

You will find several Banks & ATMs in town. There is no Bureau De Change but some of the shops offer ‘Money Exchange’ at varying rates. Many places take Credit Cards.

Prices in shops are set prices; you get charged the same as locals do. HOWEVER, for ‘tourist items’ you should still try and ‘haggle’ – this includes the price of meals not shown on a restaurant menu.


Your accommodation should provide good wifi.

You will, also, find free wifi in almost all of the restaurants and bars.


Back in Selcuk, I bought a new TurkCell SIMcard for T$100 and a 1 month Promotional Package for T$25. The latter came with 2GB of Facebook / Twitter data, 3GB of Internet data, 300 minutes of talk time, and 200 free SMSs.

I could re-buy this package for T$35 as and when needed.


The first thing that you notice is the number of smokers; there is still a large % of smokers here. They even smoke in ‘no smoking’ areas without anyone complaining. Not a surprise when you can get a 20 pack of Rothmans ‘Click’ for T$11.

There is no reason to feel unsafe. As always, exercise normal levels of caution … don’t make yourself an obvious target.


Kas boasts an average of 300 days sunshine each year.

Arriving in mid May is perfect timing.


Kaş’ beaches are small, pebbly, and often crowded. It is not a ‘beach holiday’ location … but, Kas is on the ‘Gullet Cruise’ trail.

You come to Kaş to spend time in waterfront coffee-houses and restaurants, take boat trips to nearby Üçağız (and Kekova Island) or Kaleköy or the Blue Cave, visit the neighbouring village of Kalkan, or walk up the mountain to the cliff tombs.

Kaş is also a good base for exploring the plentiful ancient Lycian cities and archaeological sites such as Myra, Demre (Kale), Patara, Xanthos (Kınık), Letoön, Saklıkent and Tlos.


Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures.



My costs are broken down into:

  • Cost of Existence: The basic costs of just being there
  • Cost of Living: The additional costs that make being there fun

I EXISTED well within GRANDPAcking standard.

My accommodation was only T$102 / US$17 per night.

I already had my TurkCell SIMcard and 1 month plan. I didn’t need to top it up.

I have apportioned T$30 for my Turkish eVisa.

I averaged about T$55 per day on food and water.

My COE worked out to be about T$125 (US$21) per day.


I LIVED to GRANDPAcking standard.

In / Out Costs:  My public transport costs to Kas from Kemer came to T$25.

Living Costs: I averaged about T$31 per night on drinks. I spent T$82 shopping (I needed new sunglasses).

My total COL was about T$175 (US$30) / day. This was only 57% of my budget.


Again, costs are broken down in Cost Of Existence (COE) and Cost Of Living (COL).


Accommodation: I have booked you into a budget hotel for the first 2 nights that includes Breakfast. There are many budget accommodation options around town where you should be able to negotiate a better long-term room rate. Alternatively, find a villa for under US$450 / month (if you can!) and bring in groceries.

Transportation: I have budgeted a return trip to Kalkan on a local bus each week.

Communications & Fees: I have budgeted a TurkCell SIMcard and 1 month promo package. I have included the cost of 2 Turkish eVisas.

Food: Your meals budget averages about T$151 (US$26) / day for 2 people. This is to eat Lunch and Dinner in Cheap Restaurants.

Your COE is about T$276 (US$47) / day. This is 11% UNDER budget.


This leaves you T$33 / US$6 per day to LIVE on.


To afford a month in Kas you will need to:

  • Come off-season (e.g. in May or October)
  • Negotiate a long-term hotel rate once you are here
  • You are unlikely to be able to secure an Holiday Home within GRANDPAcking price range (but, you may get lucky if you try and book one months in advance whilst you can still get deep discounts)

If you can get an Holiday Rental (or budget hotel with a good shared kitchen), you can easily reduce your food costs by half and, by doing so, have enough spare money to LIVE on.


Could you afford to retire in Kas on a GRANDPAckig budget? YES 

BUT only just.



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