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Last year, around 8.4 million Medical Tourists travelled abroad to seek healthcare services in S. E. Asia. This number represents nearly one third of global medical consumers.

Medical Tourism is well established in Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. But, now, Medical Tourism is emerging strongly in Indonesia, The Philippines, and Vietnam.

The Vietnamese medical sector grows by 18-20 per cent every year. The number of foreigners travelling to Vietnam for medical examinations and treatments is over 80,000 per year. The income is reaching over $1 billion.

Vietnam has the advantage of political stability. This makes Vietnam a safe and secure travelling destination for foreign tourists. Vietnamese healthcare providers offer relatively good quality medical care and the cost is also very affordable compared to neighbouring countries.

Vietnam still has a relatively low number of internationally-accredited hospitals BUT they have excellent and modern Dental facilities.


The currency in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (or the ‘VND’). I will refer to them as V$s. At the time of writing, the wholesale exchange rates were:

Published Wholesale RateV$23,215V$25,775V$30,156
Effective Exchange RateV$22,538V$25,023V$29,276

You will not get these wholesale rates (read the ‘Money” section, below); expect to lose 3%. I lost 2.92%.

Over time, these exchange rates will change. Please check the current rates.


You can read about Hoi An here.

These posts will provide you with useful information about:

  • How to get there;
  • How to get a SIMcard;
  • Where to stay;
  • General costs.

In summary, a couple can holiday in Hoi An for as little as US$30 per day and, whilst here, benefit from low cost Medical and Dental Treatments.


I have a 1-year WorldNomads Backpacker Policy that costs US$565. I don’t need all of the ‘bells and whistles’ that go with the more expensive policies. I, fundamentally, just need Medical and Personal Indemnity Insurance. Read more here.

Travelling around the World for over 5 years did not give me much of a chance to maintain regular visits to a Dentist. During this period, I had to have an emergency extraction of 3 teeth: 2 of which were molars. I, also, had to have a couple of emergency fillings.

Let me just say that the dentists that I needed to go to were not of the highest standard. One dentist in The Philippines extracted a molar whilst having his lit cigarette smoking away in the ashtray.

I could have claimed upto US$500 for emergency dental work on my WorldNomads Policy but none of my prior emergency work warranted making a claim.


I had no plans to get any dental work done in Hoi An … but, then, one of my fillings fell out … time for a visit to the Dentist!

An expat friend who lives in Hoi An told me that he had his whole mouth done for VND320,000,000 (under US$14,000). This included several implants. I must admit, his new gnashers looked good! He recommended TGM Dental located on Cua Dai Road.Hoi An - TGM - Business Card

TGM Dental display a full price list in US$s.

They offered me a 10% discount for cash.

I booked an appointment for a free consultation. I was interested in, perhaps, 2 implants. They gave me a 360 degree CTCS scan (list price VND500k / US$22). Their equipment was new and modern. One implant was OK but the other required a sinus lift. If I had a history of sinus problems, I needed to get the ‘OK’ from a doctor to proceed. Someone from the local Hospital came around on a scooter to take my blood (included in the price). I passed the blood test. I said that I would let them know about which implants I wanted the next day.

I chose to do just the one implant (for now). This was in my lower jaw where I had sufficient bone depth. I decided to leave the upper implant for, perhaps, a later date.

On my 2nd appointment, I had a cleaning, a molar extraction, and a replacement filling. Including the CTCS, this work cost me VND1,845,000 / US$80 after discount.

They also did my lower implant. The implant cost a total of VND19,800,000 / US$850 after discount. I needed to wait 6 months for the implant to ‘bed in’. After that 6 months, they will complete the ‘crown’. So, I paid VND15,840,000 now with the remaining VND3,960,000 payable later.

They gave me a prescription and told me that the price should be about VND300k.

After trying 2-3 chemists who want to charge me nearly VND500k, I finally found one that charged VND380k. Shop around.

They did such a good job on my replacement filling (using the new white filler) that I decided to have all of my remaining amalgam fillings replaced: 4 needed to be done. I returned 2 more times and paid 2xVND720k = VND1,440,000 / US$62 after discount.

Everything was done professionally with modern equipment.

I believe that it was also done to a high standard … but only time can confirm that.


Hoi An has two main seasons: rainy and dry seasons.

The hottest period is from June to August. Many find the heat and humidity ‘overbearing’ and uncomfortable in this period.

November to January are the coldest months. The rainy season lasts from September to January. The dry season is between February and May when the weather becomes very mild with moderate temperature and less humidity. Calm mild weather is now limited to the season of late May to late August when the seas are calm and the wind comes from the South.

The end of May to the end of August is the High Season for Tourism.


I hate to think how much I would have paid for this treatment back home in New Zealand. The last time that I asked, an implant cost US$3-5k (that was 6 years ago).

I spent a total of VND19,500,000 / US$840 with another VND3,960,000 / US$170 to come.

For many people it would be a lot cheaper coming to Hoi An as a Dental Tourist than to stay and have their work done at home.

AND, whilst you are here, you can enjoy a nice holiday.


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