Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Visit Malta

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Photo by Orimi Protograph on Unsplash


The sun-soaked archipelago of Malta has been welcoming visitors to its sandy shores for decades, with this diverse European hotspot offering a little something for everyone. Families, couples and solo travellers can all enjoy the sights and sounds of this little holiday hotspot. Whilst the summer months remain the most popular time to visit, Malta’s temperate climate lends itself to year-round travel. And for many travelers who favour more mild temperatures, spring will be the best time to jet off.

Whether you want to relax on its pristine beaches or explore its bustling cities, you won’t have any trouble filling your itinerary. So don’t put it off any longer and allow us to inspire your next springtime sojourn to Malta.

Image by Ariane Gordijn from Pixabay


Visiting in spring gives you the opportunity to enjoy some unique cultural events. Going along and participating in local festivals is a great way to enjoy a slow travel experience, providing a truer taste of archipelago life.

The island of Malta and its neighbouring territories spring to life at this time of year, with celebrations taking place right all around. One of the most significant dates in Malta’s festival calendar is March 31st, better known to locals as Freedom Day. On this day in 1979, the last British troops withdrew from the island, with Malta beginning its transition to a sovereign state.

To mark this historical day, ceremonial celebrations take place at important landmarks across the island, attended by the public, media and dignitaries. Do note that Freedom Day is a national holiday, so you can expect the bars, restaurants, streets and beaches to be a little busier than usual if the day falls on a weekday.

If you’re looking for something a little more explosive, consider visiting at the end of April, when the annual Malta Fireworks Festival takes place. This family-friendly event has been happening each year for over two decades, and is certainly one of the most eye-catching experiences on the island.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash


If you’re looking to enjoy Malta’s warmest temperatures, then summer is the perfect time for you. But if you prefer your holiday conditions to be slightly milder, consider a springtime vacation. Daytime highs average between 20-25°C at this time of year, whilst temperatures in the summer can soar into the low 30s.

With these balmy conditions, you will no doubt be scheduling in a beach day or two. With less tourism footfall at this time of year, you can expect the beaches to be quieter, making for a more relaxed trip. But be warned, whilst the sea temperatures will rise considerably closer to the start of summer, the waters can still be cold at the start of spring, so factor this in if you or your children enjoy a dip in the sea.


We are certain that a trip to Malta and its sister islands at any time of the year will exceed your expectations. But if you’re looking to enjoy an authentic travelling experience in favourable conditions, consider planning a springtime stay on this Mediterranean jewel.


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