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AUGUST 2019: OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Serbia is the Republic of Serbia Dinar / the RSD (I will refer to them as S$s). At the time of writing, US$1 = S$105. We have just spent 4 nights in Sofia, Bulgaria … … and 3 nights in Nis, southern Serbia. We experienced a lot of history and culture. Back in Bulgaria, we made an off-season, summertime visit to Borovets which is a famous ski resort. It was now time to compare Borovets to the famous ski resort of Zlatibor in Serbia. Again, we were going in the off-season / […]

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JANUARY 2015: MULTIPLE SOURCES WERE USED TO GATHER TRAVEL COSTS: Based on the number of data points found (and how much I believed what I was reading) I set MY FLASHPACKING budget for each country (shown per day and per year). All costs are in New Zealand Dollars (as a simple rule, divide by 2 to get Pounds Sterling). COUNTRY AREA  MY FLASH PACKING COST PER YEAR  MY FLASH PACKING COST PER DAY  Average of the Averages  As an Avg of What Sites Say  As an Avg % vs NZ New Zealand Compare  $ 45,625  $ 125  $ 106  $ 106  $ 106 […]

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