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Almirante - Boat to Bocas Del Toro Seating
MARCH 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I made my way from Granada to Puerto Viejo and stayed in Puerto Viejo for 1 week. From Puerto Viejo, I had to make my way to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. PLEASE NOTE: At the time of writing, US$1 = C$570 (Costa Rica Colon) and US$1=P$1 (Panama Balboa). THE PANAMA ‘EXIT TICKET’: To enter Panama, you must have an onwards ticket. Information online differs. Some say that they will accept a return bus or shuttle ticket from / to Costa Rica as long as you can show that you have an onwards flight […]

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – to – Bocas Del Toro, Panama – Journey

MARCH 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The official exchange rate at time of writing was US$1 = C$570. I made my way from Granada, Nicaragua to Puerto Viejo (PV) by 2 long distance buses: Granada to San Jose and San Jose to PV. I arrived in PV late at 11:30pm and took the first hotel room that I could find. My room was at the Sel et Sucre. I got an attic room up a ladder that had a double mattress on the floor, a mosquito net over the bed, no furniture, no space to open my […]

Puerto Viejo – Costa Rica – Information

MARCH 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: After being stranded for 3 days in Big Corn Island (and overnight in Bluefields), I finally managed to get from Big Corn Island to Granada. From Granada, I had to make my way to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica. On paper, this involved: A long distance bus from Granada to San Jose (about 9 hours) A long distance bus from San Jose direct to Puerto Viejo (about 4.5 hours) At the time of this post, US$1 = C$580. I planned to leave Granada early enough for me to make […]

Granada, Nicaragua – to – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Journey

DECEMBER 2017: Read our Retirement Reviews to find good places to retire on a budget. OVERVIEW: I spent 1 week on Ometepe Island. I stayed at the Hostal Tecali near Santa Cruz. I wanted to get from Ometepe across the lake to San Carlos to spend a few days going down the Rio San Juan to Greytown. Alas, the ferry that used to go from Ometepe to San Carlos no longer operates … I was told that I needed to go back to Managua (a 1.5 hour ferry from Ometepe to San Jorge followed by 3-4 hours on busses from there […]

Ometepe – Nicaragua – via Costa Rica – to San Carlos

CLOSED: My tour of Costa Rica is done, at least for now. Please SEARCH FOR ‘Costa Rica‘ to find all of my Postings, Travel Budgets and Retirement Reviews. I am sure that there are many great places in Costa Rica and that this is demonstrated by the number of expats from North America who already call Costa Rica Home. HOWEVER, Costa Rica is too expensive for GRANDPAckers. Meanwhile, here is some general information not already covered in my postings … GENERAL: Costa Rica is highly Americanized and is NOT ideal for budget travellers. The “high prices” can be a surprise, […]

Costa Rica

JANUARY 2015: IS DRIVING IN LATIN AMERICA A GOOD IDEA? I really liked the idea of buying a 4WD so that I could Drive In Latin America with all of the extra freedom that this would provide. However, it fell into the “too hard basket”. The perceived freedom of movement may not be a reality… It is a lot harder than Driving In Europe. It is all over the internet that the roads and the drivers are “unpredictable”. I come from a country that drives on the left and I didn’t want to have to take on driving on the […]

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