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AUGUST 2019: OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Romania is the Lei (the RON). I will refer to them as R$s. At the time of writing, US$1 = R$4.26. We have just spent 4 nights in Bajina Basta, Serbia … … followed by a long weekend in Belgrade, Serbia. We, now, head east into Romania … our first ‘port of call’ is the city of Timisoara … GETTING THERE: You can get from Belgrade to Timisoara by public transport: Train-Taxi-Train (via Vrsac / Moravita), Bus-Taxi-Bus (via Vrsac / Moravita), and long distance bus. I chose to go by Shuttle Bus. […]

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GENERAL INFORMATION Romania vies with Bulgaria as the cheapest destination in Europe (but not on the Black Sea coast?!). Still harboring the scars of more than two decades under the Communist rule of Nicolae Ceausescu, Bucharest’s melancholic edge is offset by its metropolitan verve. And while more and more visitors are discovering the unique appeal of the city once known as “Little Paris,” it’s still a very affordable destination and a great place to go upscale for less. In fact, its luxury accommodations have an average rate of $190 per night, making Bucharest among the cheapest cities in the world to […]


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AUGUST 2019: OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Serbia is the Republic of Serbia Dinar / the RSD (I will refer to them as S$s). At the time of writing, US$1 = S$105. We have just spent 4 nights in Sofia, Bulgaria … … and 3 nights in Nis, southern Serbia. We experienced a lot of history and culture. Back in Bulgaria, we made an off-season, summertime visit to Borovets which is a famous ski resort. It was now time to compare Borovets to the famous ski resort of Zlatibor in Serbia. Again, we were going in the off-season / […]

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FEBRUARY 2016: INTRODUCTION: I was staying in El Nido for 8 nights. One of the main things to do in El Nido is Island Hopping. I had already done Island Hopping in Honda Bay whilst in Puerto Princesa and, again, Island Hopping in Port Barton. The Honda Bay trip cost PHP1200 PLUS PHP150 for Mask & Snorkel PLUS PHP150 for Watershoes PLUS PHP150 for Fins. A total of PHP1650 with less than 5 hours on the water. The Port Barton Trip cost PHP700 PLUS PHP50 for the Permit. The Port Barton Trip was much better than the Honda Bay one, had better […]

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GENERIC: WHAT ROUTE SHOULD I TAKE? I want to plan my route so that I am in each country at the right time to: Avoid rainy, monsoon, typhoon, and hurricane seasons Avoid Peak Seasons in the more expensive countries Get as much sunny weather as possible Minimise travel distances (and costs) In this way, I hope to get the best out of each country that I can. WHAT ABOUT THE WEATHER? There are many websites that provide good detail about the climates in each country and the regions / cities within each country. I used to get the detailed […]

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  KEY NOTES THAT I TOOK FROM THE INTERNET:     In many respects, Bulgaria is the best travel deal in Europe. The days of frugal visits to Eastern Europe have passed. Especially in well-known cities, costs have gone up with the crowds. This is one of the reasons to go to Bulgaria, still so puzzlingly underrated that few but travel geeks can name a city beyond the capital, Sofia – try Plovdiv or Varna. The latter is part of the Black Sea riviera that brings crowds and high prices in the summer. Elsewhere (including Sofia), transport, museums and the ubiquitous […]