General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be implemented across the European Economic Community (EEC) countries in May 2018.

This wide-ranging piece of legislation has one particular focus:

To bring a stop to actions online where data is captured through invisible means, through less-than-obvious consents, through implied methods, or anything else that the user may possibly be unclear about“.


GRANDPAcking information is freely available to all visitors.

There is no User Registration requirement.

There is no User Log-in requirement.

No data is collected about the user. No data about the user is stored.


STATCOUNTER: GRANDPAcking uses a STATCOUNTER add-in to keep track of how many people use this site, their IP Addresses,  their country of origin, which content they looked at, which content they downloaded, and which external links they may have followed. STATCOUNTER is used so that GRANDPAcking can better see what information users are interested in. This allows GRANDPAcking to better focus its content to reach (and help) the widest possible audience. This information is gathered by STATCOUNTER, not GRANDPAcking.

BUSINESS AFFILIATES: To help fund the GRANDPAcking business, GRANDPAcking has entered into Business Affiliations with a number of 3rd party providers. These affiliations are represented within the GRANDPAcking website by adverts and hyperlinks which (when selected) take the user to the 3rd party website. The relationship is between GRANDPAcking and the 3rd Party Provider. GRANDPAcking passes no User Information to that 3rd party.

GRANDPAcking is only a ‘Publisher’. Those 3rd Parties are the ‘Data Controllers’.

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