Planning My Route

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World Map Done


My initial (Phase 1) around-the-world trip is done. It took just over 5 years.

I am, now, in ‘Phase 2’ which sees me return to my favourite places discovered in Phase 1.

In Phase 2, I will stay in each of these favourite locations for at least 1 month so that I can discover more about them.


I planned my Phase 1 route so that I was in each country at the right time to:

  • Avoid rainy, monsoon, typhoon, and hurricane seasons;
  • Avoid Peak Seasons in the more expensive countries;
  • Get as much sunny weather as possible;
  • Minimise travel distances (and costs).

In this way, I got the best out of each country that I could.


There are many websites that provide good detail about the climates in each country and the regions / cities within each country.

I used to get the detailed information that I needed and copied that information into a spreadsheet.

I know it sounds a bit ‘anal’ but I was visiting so many countries in Phase 1 that it made sense (to me) to get it right.

So, I also checked with a few travel sites to find out what the best time to go was; the best time is not always the middle of summer – things like Peak Season and humidity also need to be taken into account.


By region (e.g. S.E.Asia, Central American, and Europe), the countries are so close together that they share the same rainy seasons. It was not possible to always avoid the rain. I had to plan carefully.

Here is a summary of each year from December 2014 onwards:

After Nepal, I will revisit some of my favourite places in S.E.Asia … starting in Vietnam.


In February 2020 I left Vietnam and landed in Thailand … only for COVID-19 to hit … I was in lock-down on Phucket Island for 4.5 months. The Thai government provided ‘visa amnesties’ for 4 months but, then, I was forced to leave.

The only place that I could afford (and would accept me) at that time was Egypt. I lived on the Red Sea for 3 months until my visa expired and I was forced to leave.

The only place that I could afford (and would accept me) at that time was Turkey. I toured Turkey for 3 months until my visa expired and I was forced to leave. I attempted to get to Central America but was turned around in Zurich. I had to return to Turkey.

Finally, in February 2021, I was able to get to Guatemala where I stayed for 5 months.

As soon as Honduras opened its borders I fled to Roatan Island. I was vaccinated in Roatan Island. I stayed in Roatan Island until August 2022. By then, the World was starting to open up to ‘vaccinated’ travelers.

I had to return to the UK in September 2022 to renew my passport.

By October 2022, I was able to resume my GRANDPAcking travels.

I spend 2 months re-touring the Gili Islands in Indonesia. Followed by 2 months re-touring Boracay Island in The Philippines. Followed by 1.5 months re-touring the Andaman Sea in Thailand. Followed by 3 months re-touring Langkawi Island in Malaysis.


I am currently re-touring Vietnam for 3 months.

In September 2023, I head back to Central America where I will (again) re-tour all of the best places to find out how they have changed and where GRANDPAckers currently stand.


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