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GENERIC: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: According to a new report from International Living, adventuresome ‘Baby Boomers’ have embraced slow-travel strategies which allow them to not simply vacation abroad … but to live a comfortable and affordable roving retirement overseas. They’re spending less to see the world in retirement than […]

Retirement Trends – Slow Travel Strategies

Ajijic - Sunset
AUGUST 2016: INTRODUCTION: Well, I’ve been here nine months now and I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on what life is like for me here. So here are my thoughts about that. The Village of Ajijic: First off, let’s handle the pronunciation thing. With the exception of the […]

Ajijic – Mexico – By Mike McSweeney

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JUNE 2016: OVERVIEW: I occasionally publish contributions from 3rd Parties on my website when I feel that their contribution may be of interest to my readers. Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of such contributions; you need to do that for yourselves. BACKDROP: I met Roger, the Contributor in Bali […]

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