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GENERIC Photo by Orimi Protograph on Unsplash OVERVIEW The sun-soaked archipelago of Malta has been welcoming visitors to its sandy shores for decades, with this diverse European hotspot offering a little something for everyone. Families, couples and solo travellers can all enjoy the sights and sounds of this little holiday hotspot. Whilst the summer months remain the most popular time to visit, Malta’s temperate climate lends itself to year-round travel. And for many travelers who favour more mild temperatures, spring will be the best time to jet off. Whether you want to relax on its pristine beaches or explore its […]

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Visit Malta

GENERIC: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: According to a new report from International Living, adventuresome ‘Baby Boomers’ have embraced slow-travel strategies which allow them to not simply vacation abroad … but to live a comfortable and affordable roving retirement overseas. They’re spending less to see the world in retirement than they would to stay home. CONCLUSION: It is a great way to test-drive an overseas retirement and — for many folks — it fulfills a lifelong dream of seeing the world. Yet, done right, it won’t break the bank. Read the full article here. TTFN Why not REGISTER to stay up to date […]

Retirement Trends – Slow Travel Strategies

AUGUST 2016: INTRODUCTION: Well, I’ve been here nine months now and I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on what life is like for me here. So here are my thoughts about that. The Village of Ajijic: First off, let’s handle the pronunciation thing. With the exception of the “J” in Jack Daniels, “j’s” are pronounced in Spanish like an “h”.  In fact, I don’t know why they even bother to use that stupid letter – except maybe to make gringos look foolish trying to pronounce it. Anyway the village I live in is pronounced “Ah-hee-heek”. Work on that […]

Ajijic – Mexico – By Mike McSweeney

JUNE 2016: OVERVIEW: I occasionally publish contributions from 3rd Parties on my website when I feel that their contribution may be of interest to my readers. Disclaimer: I cannot vouch for the accuracy of such contributions; you need to do that for yourselves. BACKDROP: I met Roger, the Contributor in Bali in 2015. THE WARNING: “I thought I’d alert you to a dodgy travel deal which may need a bit more research. It involves Flight Centre and in essence may make a ‘take care’ story for your blog.” “A couple of friends booked a holiday from Perth to Bali for July.” […]

Flight Centre – Australasia – Warning