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My tour of Belize is done, at least for now.

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I found no GRANDPAcking Retirement Locations in Belize.

Meanwhile, here is some general information about Belize and / or the places of interest that I did not get to …


In my opinion, the main attraction of Belize is that the official language is English.

Other than that, Belize compares poorly against the countries that I have visited so far. In fact, right now, I would place Belize bottom of my list.

Simply put … Belize does not deliver for the price that you pay.

Belize is expensive and it is not within GRANDPAcker price range.



CorozalCorozal has a population of about 10,000 residents and is a great mixture of Maya, Chinese, European and American expats, Meztizos, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, and Mennonites.

People are friendly here and this town is attractive to the expat population which numbers between 300-400 residents.


Cayo is a mountainous, tropical, broad-leaf forest region of western Belize which was the heart of the Maya world.

Although not as well excavated as Tikal (over the border in Guatemala), Caracol is a treasure with 30 sqm of ruins and nearby underground river cave systems, natural pools, and waterfalls.

I stayed in San Ignacio for 4 nights as part of my Day Trip to Tikal.

Very few GRANDPAckers would choose to retire in such a town / location.

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