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My tour of Guatemala is done, at least for now.

Please SEARCH FOR ‘Guatemala‘ to find all of my Postings, Travel Budgets and Retirement Reviews.

I found a couple of nice GRANDPAcking Retirement Locations in Guatemala.

Meanwhile, here is some general information about Guatemala and / or the places of interest that I did not get to …



Try to take the better quality buses if you can in Guatemala they often cost the same, but leave from company offices.

If arriving from Chiapas, Mexico, you can stop in Hue Hue Tenango. There is very ok accommodation.

The next major stop is Xela (Quetzeltenango) I really recommend that you stop here and study Spanish. It is the cheapest place in the world to study. You can homestay with a family and study for $150USD a week with food and accommodation (private room, hot water) included. My school was Ulew Tinimit, but you can make a choice when you are closer. Even if you only study two weeks it will make a difference and the accommodation is ok, just make sure you explain that you want a nice place with nice food as opposed to anything more traditional!

I expect Guatemala will be best for retirement locations as places like Lake Atitlan can be positively delightful with cheap international food, accommodation and parties.


 I visited the following locations:


 I visited the following locations:


“What makes Guatemala attractive to retirees is not only its enviable views but its cheap costs … even relative to other Central American countries. A house that would go for half a million dollars in Costa Rica or Panama can be found or built in Guatemala for US$250,000.”

Please Note: The main tourist locations in Guatemala (e.g. Antigua) are not that cheap anymore. Review my GRANDPAcking Costs postings for detailed information.


Population: 45,393

Access to health care: Good health care is available at numerous private clinics in Guatemala City.

Cost of living: “Guatemala tied with Cambodia for the lowest cost of living on International Living’s Global Retirement Index. Many American couples live quite comfortably on US$1,500 a month, but it’s possible to get by on much less. A furnished apartment with a rooftop terrace costs US$350 a month, according to International Living— and that includes utilities, cable and WiFi”.

BUT, if you read my GRANDPAcking Costs, you may agree with me (and disagree with the out-dated information on the internet) … I believe that, to truly ‘LIVE’, you will need much more than that.

The draw: Antigua, a Unesco World Heritage site, offers colonial architecture, museums, art galleries and dozens of restaurants, from high-end bistros to local food vendors. The climate is spring-like year-round, and the views of volcanoes are heard to beat.

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