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My tour of Malaysia is done, at least for now.

Please SEARCH FOR ‘Malaysia‘ to find all of my Postings, Travel Budgets and Retirement Reviews.

Meanwhile, here is some general information about Malaysia and / or the places of interest that I did not get to…


How does nobody know about this place? Well some people do, the Malaysians and they keep it all to themselves. Don’t worry though, outside of holiday times you will probably be one of the only people on the island and the beach here is stunning! Stay with the Captain at The Captains Longhouse and meet one of the coolest characters you’ll ever come across on your travels. He’ll take you in, treat you like family and send you on your way with a smile on your face. There’s nowhere quite like Kapas Island.


Borneo is the world’s 3rd largest island. The Malaysian part consists of 2 states: Sarawak and Sabah.

The river-rides and primeval beauty of the encroaching jungle may make Borneo the adventure of a lifetime for many people.


Flashpacking in South East Asia is never complete without a Malaysia holiday. Apart from the popular destinations like KL, Georgetown and Malacca, one of the best destinations for flashpacking in Malaysia is the state of Sarawak. Popular for being a destination that offers the richest and the most diverse ecosystem in the world, Sarawak offers multiple attractions for an adventure travel enthusiast. While the Gunung Mulu National park is known for it caves and is also a popular trekking destination, other places that attract people to Sarawak are its beautiful beaches and clear coves. This destination is undoubtedly revitalizing for both mind and body.

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