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Unfairly shunned by many tourists because it’s seen as dangerous or backward (neither of which are true), Albania offers secluded beaches, locals who take a genuine interest in travellers, tasty Turkish-style food, Ancient Greek ruins and Ottoman towns.

Imagine a trip to the Balkans before it got discovered and you’ve pretty much got it, with prices to match.




































My Initial Thoughts…

My tourism and retirement targets are:

  • Berat
  • Gjirokaster
  • Ksamil / Butrint
  • The Beaches between Sarande and Dhermi (which are meant to be the best)
  • Piqueras
  • Shkoder
  • Kruja
  • Korce
  • Koplik
  • Ligeni Fierzes

I don’t expect much from Albania; But it might surprise me. I’m really just checking out Albania on my way up the coast to Montenegro.

I’ll come into Albania from Ohrid, Macedonia. I’ll investigate Radozhda on the Albanian side of the lake before heading on to Berat.

I particularly like the look of Gjirokaster and I plan to stay there a while before moving on to Kerkira and Albania’s southern border with Greece.

I will then check out the beaches between Sarande and Piqeras. In particular, I want to check out the village of Vuno, Jal Beach, and Gjipe Beach.

Between there and Tirana, I have read nothing that attracts me.

So, unless I discover otherwise, I will head north passing through Tirana to the Kruje District.

I will then finish my Albanian leg by heading to Shkoder on Albania’s border with Montenegro.

The next stop in my journey will be Montenegro.

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