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Due to the country’s economic crisis, the cost of living in Greece is lower than it used to be (at least for visitors). On famous Greek islands like Paxos, you can bask on the beaches for free, grab a bed for a tenner and a meal for £5 – a fraction of the price of many other European countries. Greece is, quite possibly, the most underrated budget destination in Europe.

Greece has had a tough few years, with harsh austerity measures, soaring unemployment and demonstrations hitting the world’s headlines. For a place that thrives on tourists, this is bad news. But Greece still does what it’s done brilliantly for generations. What’s missing are visitor numbers from previous years and prices have come down in an attempt to woo them back. Combined with the chance to explore Greece’s more popular sights with fewer visitors, this means that in 2014 it offers remarkable value.

Like an ancient epic adapted for modern life, after years of strife, Greece is once again on a quest. The economic crisis that racked the country also dampened tourism — a serious blow to a destination that depends so heavily on holiday seekers. Now, Greece hopes to be the place that launches a thousand ships, airplanes, and trains, all carrying visitors back to its ancient ruins and famed beaches. Beguiling budget travelers with a siren song of lower prices and smaller crowds, Greece’s only real question is: Are you listening?

My Initial Thoughts…

My proposed GRANDPAcking route through GreeceWhen I was young, Greece was my favourite place in the world. I have many happy memories of Athens and the Greek Islands.

But, that was nearly 40 years ago and Greece has changed.

I won’t be including Greece on this trip. If I do, it will only be to get to Athens so that I can get a better price on a flight to Latin America.

If I do leave from Athens, I’ll be there after the high season and I may take the opportunity to spend a week or two on a greek island (for old time’s sake) before I go. Crete is particularly appealing. The small island of Gavdos (south of Crete) is also very appealing.







The next stop in my journey will be Latin America.

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