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Macedonia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. A lot of people have a lot of nice things to say about the place.

My Initial Thoughts…

My proposed GRANDPAcking route through MacedoniaMy tourism and retirement targets are:

  • Kumanovo
  • Krushevo
  • Prilep
  • Bitola
  • Lake Prespa
  • Ohrid / Lake Ohrid / Struga / Radozhda
  • Mavrovo National Park / Zirovnica / Galichnik and North to Tetovo

I have high hopes for Macedonia. In particular, I have high hopes of Lake Prespa / Lake Ohrid.

I am hoping that Ohrid reminds me of what Greece was like about 40 years ago.

Ohrid definitely has the credentials… the old town looks like it has plenty of character and there could be plenty of activity focused around the lake front.

I’ll enter into Macedonia on the main road from Sofia, Bulgaria so it makes sense to start in Skopje.

From Skopje I plan to head south to Prilep stopping briefly at Krushevo on the way.

I will also stop off at Bitola before landing in Ohrid. I expect to spend 1-2 months in Ohrid and I have timed my trip so that I do so in peak season. I will stay in a Hostel for 1-2 nights to buy me time to find and negotiate an apartment at a good rate.

Using Ohrid as a base, I hope to day or weekend trip north to Zirovnica / Galichnik (or even further up to Tetovo).

I also want to have a good look at the Lake Prespa which is immediately south of Lake Ohrid on the border with Greece; I am hoping that there might be one lake-side town that holds some delights and some surprises.



The next stop in my journey will be Albania.

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