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Key Notes That I Took From The Internet…

Fancy a slice of the Mediterranean but want to save a few pennies at the same time? Why not try southwest Turkey? With a Riviera to rival France, Pamphylia is the main tourist destination in this part of the world. With reasonably priced rooms, cheap traditional döner kebabs and plenty of Roman ruins to explore for free, you can live comfortably here on a shoestring.

My Initial Thoughts…

My proposed GRANDPAcking route through TurkeyI am including Turkey because I can get cheap flights to Istanbul from South East Asia. I was in Istanbul about 40 years ago so I know what to expect. I don’t plan on staying there long.

I am not expecting Turkey to be within my budget so I will head north to Bulgaria fairly promptly.

If, for some reason, I arrive in Turkey earlier than expected (say February or March), I may head to South West Turkey to take in some Historical Sites and some of southern Turkey’s mediterranean coast.

My shortlist for Turkey would be:

  • A Gulet Cruise down the Turquoise Coast
  • The Datca Peninsula
  • Ephesus / Alacati
  • Patara to Demre

Besides… I love Doner Kebabs!



The next stop in my journey will be Bulgaria.