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I find this site very useful for investigating multiple options – especially when I don’t have any particular city (or country) in mind… I just want to get somewhere else.

A good example is my trip to The Philippines. You must enter with a return ticket; but I wanted to extend my Visa by 6 months whilst I was there. Therefore, the return ticket that I needed for getting into the country was going to be thrown away. I just needed the cheapest ticket that I could find from The Philippines to any other country! It saved me a lot of money because I found a US$35 one way ticket to Taipei.


TIKET.COM is the place that I go to double check that CHEAPGLIGHTS.COM has found all of the best deals in the Asian Region.

Sometimes, TIKET.COM finds some of the smaller, regional asian airlines that CHEAPFLIGHTS misses (like Lionair).


Air Asia is particularly good for flights in and around Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia. If you plan to fly a lot in this area,  join the Big Shot Loyalty Program.BEWARE: they charge extra for stowed luggage.For 2-leg flights through Kuala Lumpur, you can (sometimes) get a cheaper price by booking each of the 2 legs directly yourself.Malindo is a joint venture between MALaysia and INDOnesia and is particularly good for regional flights in this area and further afield to Australia, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.The ticket price sometimes looks higher than Air Asia but usually includes 20Kg of stowed luggage (so you don’t get that ‘hidden cost’ at the end of the booking process.

It may be no surprise that Vietnam carriers do not fully subscribe to international flight search engines.

However, does a good job in finding the cheapest flights in and around Vietnam.

As an example, CHEAPFLIGHTS.COM only found JetStar flights from Phu Quoc to Nha Trang at a cost of US$109. It did not find Vietnam Air nor VietJet Air flights. With I put together the 2 legs of the flight via HCMC with JetStar for US$83.

It is, also, sometimes worth going direct to Vietnam Airlines.

I caught a flight from Nha Trang to Da Nang for VDN1,230,000 inclusive of 23Kg stowed baggage.

Other, budget, airlines look cheaper up-front but you have to pay for stowed baggage during the booking process; more often than not, the price ends up the same.

BUT, Vietnam Airlines are more reliable.