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Boracay - Beach - Station 2 Swimming



I have relented. After seeing more locations around The Philippines, I have decided that Boracay SHOULD be included in my REVIEWS as a possible GRANDPAcking Retirement Location. There are many GRANDPAckers that would enjoy the lifestyle that Boracay has to offer.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices are High Season prices.

Prices for almost everything on Boracay Island can be 150% of what you pay elsewhere in The Philippines.


Read about Where To Stay on Boracay Island.

Read about getting Around The Island by Foot.

Read about more general Boracay Information.

Read about normal Boracay GRANDPAcking Costs if you come on Holiday.

Read about LIVING in Boracay on a GRANDPAcking Budget.

Read about getting Visa Extensions in Boracay (if you do not have an LSVVE).


Scooter hire in Boracay is very expensive and out of GRANDPAcker price range.

You will be using shared Trikes to get around.


You will not be able to afford a ‘Western Quality’ 2 Bedroom Apartment anywhere near a beach.

You have 2 options at the prices provided (below):

  1. Rent a Western Quality 2 Bedroom Apartment inland (and use Trikes to get to and from the beach areas)
  2. Compromise and get a Double Aircon room within walking distance of the beach (such as a chalet at the Blue Pirate Budget Resort)

Option 2 will still provide you with something comfortable but it will be an hotel room with ensuite, balcony and kitchenette. Personally, I would choose this option and be within walking distance of the beach and everything else that beach life has to offer.

Areas to consider are:

  • White Beach – Station 3
  • Ligutan Beach
  • Bulabog Beach
  • The area around the Monaco Suites de Boracay
  • Mount Luho Road north of Bulabog Beach


In my view, these can change frequently. What was good a couple of months ago (when someone else was there) may not be true today (when you are there). Just walk around and find the ones that you like.

The important things to know are:

  • Station 3 is (generally) cheapest
  • You can get Happy Hour San Miguels for PHP35
  • You can get Happy Hour 2-for-1 cocktails for PHP120
  • There are Tinpots in the back streets where you can get a cheap local meal for PHP50
  • The cheapest Lunch on the beach will cost about PHP150
  • The cheapest Dinner on the beach will cost about PHP180
  • There are Minimarts around but you pay ‘Boracay prices’
  • You will need to get somewhere with your own kitchenette so that you can keep your prices down


You can power outages on Boracay Island; some of which can last several hours.

The power supply is 220V.


There is no reason to feel unsafe in Boracay (IMHO).

But there is, obviously, some theft going on. You can tell… rooms have iron bars on their windows and some have in-room safes. There are notices on walls telling you that ‘management accepts no responsibility’… some hotels and apartments have security guards…

Be sensible. Don’t flash your wealth nor leave things unattended.

There are medical centers on the island.


To get the best prices and the best accommodation, you need to come early in the season.

During peak season, many hotels do not offer monthly rates.

The rainy season starts in June and ends in October.

Plan to get to Boracay late October / early November.

In Shoulder Season, you may be able to get a monthly rate before Peak Season starts.


Is Boracay paradise? Yes. Is Boracay an ‘Extended Holiday’ Destination? YES.

It would take a certain, special type of Retiree to happily call Boracay home on a full time basis. The rest of us are likely to go ‘stir crazy’.

A better option is to alternate between Boracay and 1-2 other Retirement Location(s)… you could easily chill out in Boracay for 3-4 months.

There are many options around Boracay which would help break up the monotony. The Romblon Islands are worth a visit (Tablas and Carabao).


THE GRANDPAcking ACID TEST: Can a retired couple with no assets live easily, comfortably, and happily here with their only source of income being a standard NZ Married Couple’s State Pension? YES.

If you were to retire full time on Boracay Island, a realistic budget would be:

The cost of your Tourist Visa is an important factor.

If you plan to stay in The Philippines for 6 months, you are best to land in Manila so that you can get a 6 month LSVVE Visa. If not, you will need to renew your Tourist Visa every 1-2 months at a higher overall cost.

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