Vietnam Visa

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I applied for my 6 month Tourist Visa at the Vietnam Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand.

This Visa cost NZ$150 (US$100) and involved two 1.5 hour return trips to Wellington by car.

In hindsight, it may have been better to secure my Visa using someone like Vietnam Visa.

This is what Vietnam Visa have to say …


6153 miles and 12 hours 47 minutes are numbers that wanderlusts might be thinking before travelling from Wellington, New Zealand to Hanoi, Vietnam.

For many years now, Vietnam has been known for being a friendly, reliable and welcoming holiday destination; and the number of visitors just keeps growing.

Are you planning to visit this S-shaped country? Then read on if you want to have an important, comprehensive pocket reference book in your hands.


Like a key is used to get into your house, a visa is needed (for most travellers) to get into Vietnam.

All New Zealanders wanting to visit Vietnam are required to obtain a valid visa regardless of visit purpose and length of stay. This visa needs to be secured in advance of your arrival.

But, just stay calm, as the good news is that getting a Vietnam Visa is as easy Online as it is at your local Vietnamese Embassy.

The majority of visitors come to Vietnam by air, so a Visa On Arrival should be taken into consideration: it is ‘hassle free’ and ‘convenient’. You can see full information about this type of Vietnam visa here.


Not everyone in Vietnam speaks English, so just learn some Vietnamese phrases and you’ll find how interesting it is when you use their language to ask for help / bargain / chat with locals:

  1. Hello! – sin chow!
  2. How are you? – ban co kwe khome?
  3. What’s your name? – ban thane zee
  4. My name is… – thoy la…
  5. Thank you – sin gahm un
  6. You’re welcome – khom go zee
  7. Yes – vung
  8. No – khome
  9. Excuse me / Sorry… – seen loy
  10. Can you help me? – ban zoop thoy duc khom?
  11. Good – thote
  12. Bad – khome thote
  13. What is this? – guy nai la zee
  14. How much? – bow nyew
  15. Too expensive – mahk qwa
  16. Hot – nom
  17. Cold – lang
  18. Coffee – cah feh
  19. Tea – chah
  20. Hot black coffee – cah feh nom
  21. Hot Coffee with milk – cah feh sua nom


Vietnam is famous for its diverse cuisine and everyone travelling here wants to try this ‘once in a life time’ experience.

No one wants to get sick abroad, but changes in environment and eating habits may bring you inconvenience … so please take notice of this while you are in another strange country.

Vietnamese food is diverse and is definitely worth trying … but just make sure to have meals at reliable places such as restaurants, popular food shops or (if you are interested in street food) drop by at the stands where many other people are eating.

It is recommended that locals will gather at good places to enjoy specialties so just follow them and immerse yourself into those mouth-watering dishes.

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