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Carabao - Republic - Beach North
  MARCH 2016:   Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I had spent 8 nights in the AGLICAY BEACH RESORT, Alcantara on Tablas Island. I had planned to go from Tablas to Romblon Island for a few weeks but had to abandon that idea when I realised that I had to renew my Philippines Visa before the 16th March. The Visa renewal meant that I had to head south to Boracay. There are no Bureau Of Immigration offices on the Romblon islands. I decided to stop off in Carabao for a few days on the way. I hear that this is […]

Tablas – Philippines – To Carabao Island

MARCH 2016: OVERVIEW: My costs start in San Jose, Mindoro (after arriving on the ferry from Coron) and include: Transport from San Jose, Mindoro to Roxas, Mindoro 1 night in a VERY BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard Room in Roxas Transport from Roxas to the Aglicay Beach Resort, Alcantara, Tablas Island 8 nights in a GRANDPAcking Standard Room in the Aglicay Beach Resort 2 days of scooter rental plus petrol Food & Drink Mobile Data / Communications Visa cost apportionment Transport from the Aglicay Beach Resort to Santa Fe, Tablas Island (to catch the ferry to Carabao) CROSS REFERENCES: For more detail, read about Tablas – Philippines – […]

Tablas – Philippines – GRANDPAcking Costs