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2016 GRANDPAcking
2016: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: This video shows you what 2 GRANDPAckers can do in 1 year on (an average of) less than US$55 / EU€50 / GB£43 per day. From The Philippines to Central America: So, when are you going to start?! … TTFN

GRANDPAcking 2016

AUGUST 2016: Click here to read our Mexico Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I made my way from Tlaquepaque to Ajijic. I stayed in a Vacation Rental for 7 nights. Accommodation in Ajijic is a problem … on ANY hotel search engine (including my favourites: AGODA.COM and BOOKING.COM), you will struggle to find a Double Room with Ensuite for less than MXP700 / night. I changed tack and pre-booked a Vacation Rental through TRIPADVISOR. The cost was US$200 / week. The Vacation Rental was very comfortable. I had a large bedroom, large ensuite, a private roof terrace, and access to the common areas like the Dining Room and the Kitchen. In the […]

Ajijic – Mexico – To Guanajuato

AUGUST 2016: INTRODUCTION: Well, I’ve been here nine months now and I thought it would be appropriate to reflect on what life is like for me here. So here are my thoughts about that. The Village of Ajijic: First off, let’s handle the pronunciation thing. With the exception of the “J” in Jack Daniels, “j’s” are pronounced in Spanish like an “h”.  In fact, I don’t know why they even bother to use that stupid letter – except maybe to make gringos look foolish trying to pronounce it. Anyway the village I live in is pronounced “Ah-hee-heek”. Work on that […]

Ajijic – Mexico – By Mike McSweeney

AUGUST 2016: Why not read our Mexico Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: Ajijic is a small town on Mexico’s biggest lake (Lake Chapala) about 50kms south of Guadalajara. Ajijic is 5,046ft (1,538m) above sea level in the vast central Mexican plateau that is home to the Sierra Madre mountain range. Lake Chapala is a well known expat destination: mainly for expats from the USA and Canada … but they are, now, being joined by an increasing number of Europeans. Ajijic boasts the largest expat community in Mexico: over 20,000 expats live here on a permanent basis and 1,000s more ‘snow birds’ join them each year […]

Ajijic – Mexico – Information

JULY 2016: Click here to read our Mexico Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I made my way from Puerto Vallarta to Tlaquepaque to attend Spanish Immersion Classes. I stayed in a Homestay for 14 nights. I pre-booked the Homestay through my Spanish School. The cost was US$21 / night including Breakfast and Lunch Monday-Saturday. The Homestay was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting a room in a house with an ensuite … what I got was my own separate unit. I completed my Spanish classes and it was time to move on. MY PLAN: I am not in Mexico at the best time of year. Down south near Oaxaca it is the […]

Tlaquepaque – Mexico – To Ajijic