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2019 Trip
2019: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: This video shows you what 2 GRANDPAckers can do in 1 year on (an average of) less than US$55 / EU€50 / GB£43 per day. So, when are you going to start?! … TTFN

GRANDPAcking 2019

SEPTEMBER 2019: OVERVIEW: We have just spent 3 nights in Gyumri, Armenia.  We now go to our first stop in Georgia: Akhaltsikhe. PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Georgia is the Lari (or the ‘GEL’). I will refer to them as G$s. At the time of writing: US$1 EU€1 GB£1 G$2.96 G$3.28 G$3.69 Over time, these exchange rates will change. Please check the current rates. GETTING THERE: Minibuses are the most common form of transport in this part of the World. The problem with these minibuses is that most don’t have any luggage space. If you have a big backpack or […]

Akhaltsikhe – Georgia – Living Ideas