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2016 GRANDPAcking
2016: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: This video shows you what 2 GRANDPAckers can do in 1 year on (an average of) less than US$55 / EU€50 / GB£43 per day. From The Philippines to Central America: So, when are you going to start?! … TTFN

GRANDPAcking 2016

  FEBRUARY 2016:   Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I had spent 6 nights at JIM’S CASTLE INN in Coron Town and 2 nights on an Apo Reef SCUBA Liveaboard. A total of 8 nights. I had seen what I wanted to see and learnt what I wanted to learn: Coron Town is not a GRANDPAcking Retirement location but GRANDPAckers can come here for a holiday and have lots of fun doing Coron on a GRANDPAcking Budget. It was time to move on to my next destination: Tablas Island. To get to Tablas, I needed to catch a ferry from Coron to […]

Coron – Philippines – To Tablas Island

FEBRUARY 2016: Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I have already provided Information about Coron and the GRANDPAcking Costs. The Cost Of Existence (COE) in Coron Town comes out at 76% of a GRANDPAcking couple’s budget (US$41 out of a daily budget of US$52). This doesn’t leave much for LIVING. In this post, I suggest how GRANDPAckers can LIVE 10 nights in Coron on a GRANDPAcking budget of US$52 / day. To do so, GRANDPAckers need to compromise on the quality of their accommodation (but not too much)… GETTING THERE: I assume that you are in El Nido (the most likely place). If […]

Coron – Philippines – LIVING on a GRANDPAcking Budget

FEBRUARY 2016: OVERVIEW: My costs start at the main Ferry Terminal 5kms from Coron Town and include: 1 night in a GRANDPAcking Standard Aircon Double Room 3 Days & 2 Nights on an Apo Reef SCUBA Diving Liveaboard; Drinks on board 5 nights in a BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard Double Fan Room with Shared Bathroom Food & Drink Mobile Data / Communications Visa cost apportionment Transport from Coron to San Jose, Mindoro CROSS REFERENCES: For more detail, read about Coron – Philippines – Information. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information and more Travel Budgets in this country. Read About […]

Coron – Philippines – GRANDPAcking Costs

  FEBRUARY 2016:   Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: Coron Town is on Busuanga Island in the Calamianes group of islands north of mainland Palawan. In the Calamianes you will find palm-fringed powdery white beaches, crystal clear lagoons, stunning lakes and towering limestone karst. These islands are not as commercialized as its counterparts in Puerto Princesa, Port Barton, and El Nido. You don’t have to be in Coron Town for long to realise that the greed that now exists in El Nido hasn’t made it this far – yet. Let’s hope that it never does. GETTING THERE: Coron Town is […]

Coron – Philippines – Information

FEBRUARY 2016: Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. INTRODUCTION: It was time to move on from Palawan Island. It was also time to do some LIVING… I had done a 1 Day Island Hopping Trip in Honda Bay near Puerto Princesa. I had done another 1 Day Island Hopping Trip in Port Barton. I had also tried a 2 Day 1 Night Island Hopping Trip in El Nido – which was abandoned on the 2nd day. This was a little bit of LIVING but not enough. I was in search of something more…  In El Nido, the SCUBA Diving wasn’t good. […]

Coron – Philippines – Apo Reef SCUBA Liveaboard Trip

  FEBRUARY 2016:   Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I was coming to the end of my 9 night stay in El Nido and it was time to look forward to Coron. I asked a few of the locals which was the best ferry to Coron; they said the ‘Bonso’. On Thursday, I went down to the Art Cafe to book my ticket for the Saturday morning. The ticket was PHP1500; I believe that you can get them for PHP1400 elsewhere. GETTING TO THE FERRY TERMINAL: I was told to be at the Ferry Terminal at 8:00am. The Ferry […]

El Nido – Philippines – To Coron