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Long Term Hotel Options
DECEMBER 2015: Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: In Hoi An, I was able to Get Around By Bicycle for 2 days investigating. I concluded that the only real area for GRANDPAckers to stay in was in the heart of or within walking distance of the heart of the Old Town. Some hotels out from center provide complimentary bicycles – they have to because, otherwise, it is too problematic for their guests to get around. You can easily get from the Old Town to the Beaches on a bicycle… and, it is a pleasant 25 minute ride. WHERE TO STAY: It is worth noting […]

Hoi An – Vietnam – Where To Stay

Travel Information
  DECEMBER 2015:   Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I really enjoyed my time in Hoi An, but it was time to move on. It was time to move on to my next destination: Cat Ba Island. You can get to Cat Ba from Hoi An by train, but this is best done on an over-night ‘sleeper’ and the journey from Da Nang to Hanoi is said to take 12-14 hours. I’m a GRANDPAcker so, I decided to fly. BOOKING THE FLIGHT: You need to Book a Regional Flight from Da Nang to Hai Phong; I went directly to the Vietnam […]

Hoi An – Vietnam – To Cat Ba Island

Hoi An - Old Town Side Street
  DECEMBER 2015:   Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. Read about Vietnam Visa. OVERVIEW:  Hoi An was the principal port of the Cham Kingdom, which controlled the strategic spice trade with Indonesia from the 7th to the 10th century and was a major international port in the 16th and 17th centuries – and the foreign influences are still there to this day. While the serious shipping business has long since moved to Da Nang, the heart of the city is still the Ancient Town / Old Town, full of winding lanes and Chinese-styled shophouses, which is particularly atmospheric in the evening as the […]

Hoi An – Vietnam – Information

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DECEMBER 2015: OVERVIEW: My costs start on arrival in Hoi An by local bus and include: 3 nights in a Delux Double room in a nice new-build Homestay 21 nights in a Double Room in a Hotel with a small swimming pool 1x Bicycle Hire Mobile Data / Communications Visa cost apportionment 2 Flights from Da Nang to Hai Phong (to get to Cat Ba Island) Minibus from Hoi An to Da Nang Airport Lots of partying and entertainment CROSS REFERENCES: For more detail, read about Hoi An – Vietnam – Information. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information […]

Hoi An – Vietnam – GRANDPAcking Costs

Hoi An - Bike Trip - Cam Nam Street
DECEMBER 2015: Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I am impressed by Hoi An. It is a Tourist Town – but a nice Tourist Town. I haven’t written up my Hoi An – Vietnam – Information yet (nor my Hoi An – Vietnam – GRANDPAcking Costs), but I will when I leave on the 14th December 2015. Hoi An will, also, be making it into my RETIREMENT REVIEWS at the same time. I wanted to get out of the Old Town and look around the ‘edges’ a bit to get a better feel for what it might be like to live in […]

Hoi An – Vietnam – Around Hoi An by Bicycle