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NOVEMBER 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Bolivia is the Bolivianos (BOB). I will refer to them as ‘B$s’. At the time of writing, US$1 = B$6.9. I was making my way from Villazon to Copacabana. Part 1 focuses on getting to Tupiza and finding a Uyuni Salt Flats Tour … GETTING THERE: I crossed the border at La Quiaca, Argentina into Villazon, Bolivia. This border crossing has many bad write-ups with many people saying that they suffered hours of delays. I had a good experience and got through in 5 minutes. Anyway, in […]

Salt Flats – Bolivia – Part 1 – Finding A Tour

NOVEMBER 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I was working my way up through north west Argentina into south west Bolivia. Cafayate is definitely worth a visit. I wasn’t so keen on Mendoza, Salta, nor Tilcara. Anyway, I planned to cross into Bolivia on Route 9 at La Quiaca / Villazon. I researched the internet for information and read some ‘horror stories’ about it being disorganised with multi-hour delays. Readers may find my experience useful for their own planning purposes … GETTING THERE: I started my journey in Tilcara. You may start from another location. TILCARA: I walked down […]

La Quiaca, Argentina – to – Villazon, Bolivia – Journey