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El Castillo - Castle 2
DECEMBER 2017: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I wanted to take a few days travelling down the Rio San Juan from Lake Nicaragua to Greytown to see and experience the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve and, possibly, do some kayaking down the river. I tried to get to San Carlos from Ometepe Island but the ferry between the two does not operate anymore. I ended up in Granada and needed to renew my CA4 90 Day Tourist Visa. So, I made my way from Granada to San Carlos via Costa Rica. My ultimate goal was to take the boat from […]

Rio San Juan – Nicaragua – Information

DECEMBER 2016: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I made my way from Punta Gorda (Belize) to Livingston & El Estor (Guatemala) by water taxi (lancha). In Livingston I stayed in a BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard hotel: the Hotel y Restaurante Casa Escondida. I paid US$33 / night for a Twin Room with Fan and Cold Water Ensuite overlooking the rivermouth. The Twin room that I had was tiny. The best thing about the hotel was the view: There is nothing to do in Livingston, 2 nights is enough … this gives you 1 whole day to walk to the stepped waterfalls and spend […]

Rio Dulce – Guatemala – A Lakefront Hideaway

JUNE 2015: OVERVIEW: My costs start in Otres 2 Beach and include: My Hobicat and Kayak trip in the Ream National Park My Dirt Bike Circuit trip My transit costs from Snooky to Stung Treng I did not actually go on a Mekong River 3 Day / 2 Night ‘adventure’ trip. For 2 GRANDPAckers, I have assumed that their costs start in Phnom Penh and that they are going on a 1 week ‘break’ to Stung Treng specifically to do a 3 Day / 2 Night ‘adventure’ trip. CROSS REFERENCES: For more information, read my post on Snooky to Stung Treng. Click here to […]

Mekong – Cambodia – GRANDPAcking Costs

JUNE 2015: Click here to read our Cambodia Retirement Reviews. THE PLAN: As discussed in my previous post, I have been GRANDPAcking in S.E. Asia for a while now and I have done so whilst keeping well under budget. It is now time to spend some of those savings on LIVING a bit… The plan is to: Take a Hobycat from Otres Boat Club (OBC) on Otres 2 Beach up the river estuary at Koh Thmei into Preaek Tuek Sab river (a distance of about 30kms) Sail up river as far as the National Highway 4 bridge Overnight at the […]

Ream – Cambodia – By Sea and River

JUNE 2015: Click here to read our Cambodia Retirement Reviews. CHANGE OF PLAN: When I left Kampot for Snooky, my plan was to spend a couple of weeks on Otres 2 Beach and, then, head out to Koh Ta Kiev. Well, those plans have changed. Rainy season has started on the coast and it is the wrong time to head out to the islands. Effectively, I am 1 month too late (either that or the rains have come early). TIME FOR A BREAK: When I stepped off of the Liveaboard Scuba Dive trip back in Khao Lak, I was ‘break […]

Stung Treng – Cambodia – Here I Come