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Puerto Viejo - Entering Town from the South
MARCH 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: After being stranded for 3 days in Big Corn Island (and overnight in Bluefields), I finally managed to get from Big Corn Island to Granada. From Granada, I had to make my way to Puerto Viejo on the Carribean coast of Costa Rica. On paper, this involved: A long distance bus from Granada to San Jose (about 9 hours) A long distance bus from San Jose direct to Puerto Viejo (about 4.5 hours) At the time of this post, US$1 = C$580. I planned to leave Granada early enough for me to make […]

Granada, Nicaragua – to – Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Journey

DECEMBER 2017: Read our Retirement Reviews to find good places to retire on a budget. OVERVIEW: I spent 1 week on Ometepe Island. I stayed at the Hostal Tecali near Santa Cruz. I wanted to get from Ometepe across the lake to San Carlos to spend a few days going down the Rio San Juan to Greytown. Alas, the ferry that used to go from Ometepe to San Carlos no longer operates … I was told that I needed to go back to Managua (a 1.5 hour ferry from Ometepe to San Jorge followed by 3-4 hours on busses from there […]

Ometepe – Nicaragua – via Costa Rica – to San Carlos