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2018: Click here to read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: This video shows you what 2 GRANDPAckers can do in 1 year on (an average of) less than US$55 / EU€50 / GB£43 per day. This is, probably, my favourite year … Latin America including the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), the Salt Flats (Bolivia), Lake Titicaca (Bolivia / Peru), Machu Picchu (Peru), and Nazca (Peru): So, when are you going to start?! … TTFN

GRANDPAcking 2018

JUNE 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The official exchange rate at time of writing was US$1 = C$2,900 (Colombian Peso / COP). I came from Rodadero near Santa Marta on the Caribbean Coast of the Colombian mainland.I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment for 5 nights at US$32 / night … Rodadero was a pleasant surprise. The beach was good and there were plenty of budget restaurants where you could get a reasonable meal for as little as C$10k / US$3.35 (but, C$15k / US$5 was more ‘normal’). And, you find cafe-marts overlooking the beach […]

San Andres – Colombia – A Beginner’s Guide & Where To Stay