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230316 Sandy Beach Resort Night View
MARCH 2023 - MAY 2023 OVERVIEW In my previous post, I provided General Information about Cenang Beach including: Exchange Rates; Money / Banks / ATMs; Getting There; When to Go; Transport; Where to Stay; Accommodation Options; Internet / WiFi; Your GRANDPAcking Costs. … now, let’s look at what it is like to LIVE here on a GRANDPAcking Budget … BEACHES CENANG BEACH / PANTAI CENANG Cenang Beach is the most popular beach in Langkawi. This sandy beach is lined with many hotels, restaurants, and bars. It is 2 km long. This is also the busiest beach on the island with […]

Cenang Beach – Langkawi – Malaysia – Living on a GRANDPAcking Budget (2023)

MARCH 2023 OVERVIEW We have just finished our SCUBA Diving Liveaboard and Island Hopping in the Andaman Sea, Thailand. … our next stop is Cenang Beach, Langkawi, Malaysia … EXCHANGE RATE The currency in Malaysia is the Ringit (or the ‘MYR’). At the time of writing, the exchange rates for the major currencies were: US$1 EU€1 GB£1 Published Wholesale Rate 4.50 4.77 5.38 Actual Exchange Rate (Wise Debit Card) 4.46 4.73 5.33 Actual Exchange Rate (Typical Credit Card) 4.36 4.62 5.21 Actual Exchange Rate (ATM) 4.40 4.66 5.25 You will NOT get this Wholesale Rate … you will get the Actual […]

Cenang Beach – Langkawi – Malaysia – Information (2023)