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Kratie - Lake Fisherboys
JUNE 2015: AU REVOIR OTRES BEACH: When you have stayed in the same place for 2 weeks or more, the locals are starting to get to know you and who you really are. Friendships are developing. A ‘cosiness’ starts to envelop you. Invariably, it becomes easy to just stay where you are and stop moving on. But that is not what I am here to do. There is always a certain amount of sadness when I leave somewhere like Otres Beach and the friends that I have made. However, I learnt something about myself at Otres Beach. I learnt a […]

Snooky to Stung Treng – Cambodia – By Bus

Moat Peam - Rivermouth Cafe DC Boy 1
JUNE 2015: BACKDROP: Subsequent to out Ream Trip Mike, DC and I decided to check out some other rivers that we could possibly Hobicat and / or Kayak. DC (from the Otres Beach Resort) and I rented a couple of Scooters for a day and went on an information gathering trip along the Moat Peam River to check it out. We liked what we saw. We found a couple of lovely spots. We agreed that it is definitely a river worth kayaking… Mike, DC and I were in the process of sorting out how to get the kayaks there and back when […]

Snooky – Cambodia – Dirt Bike Circuit

Ream - Route
JUNE 2015: Click here to read our Cambodia Retirement Reviews. THE PLAN: As discussed in my previous post, I have been GRANDPAcking in S.E. Asia for a while now and I have done so whilst keeping well under budget. It is now time to spend some of those savings on LIVING a bit… The plan is to: Take a Hobycat from Otres Boat Club (OBC) on Otres 2 Beach up the river estuary at Koh Thmei into Preaek Tuek Sab river (a distance of about 30kms) Sail up river as far as the National Highway 4 bridge Overnight at the […]

Ream – Cambodia – By Sea and River

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JUNE 2015: OVERVIEW: My costs start in Sihanoukville (“Snooky”) and include: A Tuk Tuk from town centre to Otres 2 Beach 20 nights on Otres 2 Beach My costs end in Otres 2 (as I embark on my River Adventures). Normally, you would incur a further US$5 Tuk Tuk cost to get back to Sihanoukville. CROSS REFERENCES: For more information, read my post on Otres Beach. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information and more Travel Budgets in this country. Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures. SPREADSHEET […]

Otres Beach – Cambodia – GRANDPAcking Costs

Otres 2 - Mary - Restaurant View 2
MAY 2015: Click here to read our Cambodia Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: For more background on Sihanoukville (‘Snooky’), please read this. I decided that central Snooky wasn’t for me. I wanted to find a ‘decent’ beach location and also get out to at least one unspoilt island. To that end, I picked on Koh Ta Kiev as my first target island. I was advised in Kampot not to try and get there in 1 day but to stay at least 1 night in Otres Beach (where you catch the ferry to the island). That suited me fine as I had also […]

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