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NOVEMBER 2018: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: PLEASE NOTE: The currency in Bolivia is Bolivianos (BOB). I will refer to them as ‘B$s’. At the time of writing, US$1 = B$6.91. BOOKING MY TOUR: I booked my 4D/3N Uyuni Salt Flat Tour in Tupiza. Please read my post on Tupiza for more details on how to find a tour, tour prices, and general tips / information. I booked the Standard / ‘Classic’ Tour with Natural Adventures. This takes you south from Tupiza into the National Park. You go as far south as Laguna Verde near the Chilean border before turning […]

Salt Flats – Bolivia – Part 2 – The Tour

JANUARY 2017: Why not read our Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I made my way from Monterrico to Panajachel, Lake Atitlan via a stop-over in Antigua. In Monterrico, I stayed in a BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard hotel: the Hotel El Delfin. The room had a Private Bathroom but it was very basic. I stayed 8 nights and paid an average of GTQ100 / night. They provided free water all day and free coffee in the mornings. It was time to move on to Lake Atitlan … MONTERRICO TO ANTIGUA: Adventurous people can catch a combination of a ferry and local ‘Chicken Buses’ and get from Monterrico to […]

Panajachel – Lake Atitlan – Guatemala – Information

JANUARY 2017: OVERVIEW: My costs start in Antigua and include: A Suttle / Minivan from Antigua to Monterrico 8 nights in BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard accommodation Food & Drink Mobile Data / Communications Lots of partying CROSS REFERENCES: For more detail, read about Monterrico. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information and more Travel Budgets in this country. Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures. SPREADSHEET SUMMARY: MY ACTUAL 1 PERSON BACKPAcking COSTS: Cost Of Existence (COE): My costs are purely provided for information purposes. I do not always follow ‘GRANDPAcking Standards’. In fact, I […]

Monterrico – Guatemala – GRANDPAcking Costs

JANUARY 2016: Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I arrived in Quan Lan from Cat Ba. I had not planned to be in Quan Lan; I was, actually, trying to get to Co To… Anyway, I arrived in Quan Lan without any pre-booked accommodation. I booked into the Ngan Ha Hotel just walking in off the street. I was only staying 3 nights, so I booked all 3 at the Ngan Ha. The room rate was VND300k / night; I negotiated them down to VND200k / night. On my second day I decided to rent a scooter and have a look at […]

Quan Lan – Vietnam – Around The Island By Scooter

OCTOBER 2015: Click here to read our Vietnam Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: I arrived in Phu Quoc via a Mekong Delta Tour. I had already used BOOKING.COM to book 4 nights into the Lien Hiep Thanh Resort (about 4km south of Duong Dong). I booked 4 nights because Phu Quoc is a big island and I knew that it would take me 2 days to have a good look around. My objective was to find the best place to stay for the remainder of my planned 3 weeks on the island. TRANSPORT: When I arrived in Duong Dong, I was dropped off at the minivan offices […]

Phu Quoc – Vietnam – Around The Island By Scooter