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JANUARY 2016: OVERVIEW: My costs start in Puerto Princesa (PP) City Centre and include: Transport to the PP Bus Station and a Minivan to Sabang 4 nights in a BELOW GRANDPAcking Standard hotel Food & Drink Mobile Data / Communications Visa cost apportionment Trips & Tours A party night CROSS REFERENCES: For more detail, read about Sabang – Philippines – Information. Click here to read about Retirement Locations in this country. Click here for detailed Travel Information and more Travel Budgets in this country. Read About – GRANDPAcking Costs if you don’t know how to interpret my figures. SPREADSHEET SUMMARY: MY ACTUAL 1 PERSON GRANDPAcking COSTS: Cost Of Existence […]

Sabang – Philippines – GRANDPAcking Costs

  JANUARY 2015:   Click here to read our Philippines Retirement Reviews. OVERVIEW: Sabang is one of the ‘must go to’ places from Puerto Princesa; it is here that you get to the UNESCO listed Underground River. The 8Km long Underground River is the longest navigable Underground River in the world (over 4Kms is navigable). Many people come to Sabang on day trips from Puerto Princesa at, typical, costs of PHP1200 to PHP1500 (including the return minivan ride). I decided to stay for 4 nights in Sabang to see what else this place has to offer. Please Note: The tap water in the […]

Sabang – Philippines – Information

JANUARY 2016: INTRODUCTION: I was staying in Sabang for 4 nights. The main reason that I was in Sabang was to go to the Underground River. I had read online that you had to get a Permit for the Underground River in Puerto Princesa at the ‘Coliseum’ or book a package tour (which comes with a Permit included). However, one blog said that you could get one in Sabang as long as you were staying in a Sabang hotel. I took a chance and made my own way from Puerto Princesa to Sabang by Lexxus bus without a Permit. I walked […]

Sabang – Philippines – Underground River Trip